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Moving a Piano in New Jersey with Harrington Moving & Storage

When looking to move your piano, it is essential that you choose the right movers for the job. Not only are pianos awkward and heavy, but they are expensive and, in some cases, very sentimental. The outer shell is a lot more sensitive than people may think, and the inner workings of this keyboard instrument must not be damaged whatsoever. Our New Jersey piano movers ensure that the piano is safely moved and that the entire piano moving process runs smoothly. We also have a supervisor onsite to oversee all operations.

Moving a piano in New Jersey demands careful handling, attention to detail, and specialized expertise. Pianos are intricate instruments that often hold significant financial and sentimental value. Whether it's an upright, grand, baby grand, or digital piano, ensuring its safe relocation during a move is essential.

For expert piano moving in New Jersey, rely on Harrington Moving & Storage. Equipped with the necessary training and tools, our team ensures the efficient and secure transportation of your piano. We serve all of Northern New Jersey, including all of Bergen, Union, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Mercer, Monmouth, Sussex, and Warren counties. providing reliable service for your piano moving needs.

Prior to beginning your piano move, you will be contacted by one of our representatives, whose job is to create a detailed service and price package for your upcoming move. We seek to individualize your move, and our pre-planning does just that. Our professional services are also affordable, and we will work with you to devise a service package that is under your budget.

Hiring Professional Piano Movers in New Jersey - Top Reasons

There are various reasons why you might consider hiring a New Jersey piano moving company. Perhaps you're relocating to the East Coast to pursue a full-time career and wish to bring your piano along. Alternatively, you might be moving to another part of the country for a job opportunity or to start a family.

Whatever your motivation, entrusting the task of moving a piano in New Jersey to professionals is highly advisable. Pianos are delicate instruments that necessitate specialized tools and equipment for safe transportation. Additionally, given their value, especially if they're antiques you need to take expert care. Damaging them during the move is something you'd want to avoid.

Moving a piano requires the use of a specialized dolly and maintaining stability throughout the journey to prevent damage that could necessitate tuning and repairs. Successfully moving a piano in New Jersey demands not only physical strength but also specialized skills, training, teamwork, and equipment, making it prudent to rely on experts for the job.

At Harrington, we train our movers extensively and supervise all of our moves to ensure excellence. Here are some of the benefits you will receive with Harrington Moving & Storage as your New Jersey piano movers:
  • Trained professional uniformed movers - no day labor
  • Clean trucks with proper moving pads and equipment
  • Insured and bonded service
  • Free, no-obligation moving quotes
  • Packing and unpacking services

Cost of Having Movers Move Your Piano in New Jersey

Piano moving companies in New Jersey establish their rates based on various factors affecting the complexity of the project and the level of labor involved. Some piano moves may be straightforward and manageable with a small team, while others might demand extensive preparation and a larger crew. Therefore, to gauge the potential cost of hiring qualified New Jersey piano movers, it's essential to evaluate the specifics of your project and request a quote.

The cost of hiring professional San Luis Obispo piano movers varies based on multiple factors:
  • Home and piano size: The size of your home and apartment can influence the outcome. Whether we have to go around tight corners and doors or manage stairs can create more difficulty. Pianos come in different sizes, and larger pianos may require more effort in disassembly and reassembly.
  • Accessibility: Whether your current or new place has stairs, elevators, or tricky access points can affect the complexity of the move and the price.
  • Piano type: Different pianos, like uprights, grands, baby grands, or digitals, need different handling techniques, which might affect the pricing.
  • Assembly and disassembly: If your piano needs to be taken apart or put back together for the move, that could add to the cost.
  • Number of movers: More hands on deck means a higher price, along with any extra equipment they need.
  • Travel distance: The farther you're moving, the more it might cost.
  • Timing: If you need to move your piano at a specific time, that could impact the price.
  • Additional services: If you need extra moving help or storage options, it could add to the bill.
  • Other items: Moving more than just the piano? That might factor into the pricing, too.
Given all these factors, it's best to ask for a custom quote. We know the importance of ensuring you get your piano moved quickly and safely! With Harrington Movers, you won’t need to worry. We offer upfront and transparent pricing so you know exactly what you’ll be paying before we come to your home.

Trust Harrington Moving & Storage for Your New Jersey Piano Move

Before you settle on a piano moving company in New Jersey, take the time to do your homework and ensure you're making the right choice. Moving pianos isn't a walk in the park, and it requires expertise and specialized equipment that only seasoned professionals possess. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fly-by-night operations out there that might claim they can handle the job but end up causing irreversible damage to your cherished instrument. So, it's crucial to thoroughly vet any potential company before entrusting them with your piano.

Here are a few things to look into when choosing a professional piano moving company in New Jersey:
  • Look for reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp that specifically mention piano moving experiences.
  • Check out their website for details on their longevity in the business and the number of piano moves they've completed.
  • Verify their referral and claims rates to gauge their reputation.
  • Make sure they have the necessary licenses and insurance coverage.
  • Pay attention to whether they mention specialized equipment for piano transportation.
  • Assess the responsiveness and professionalism of their customer service team.
  • Confirm that they can meet all your specific needs and requirements.
When you choose Harrington, you join the Harrington family—and we don't take care of anyone better than our own family! We’ve been in business for nearly three decades, treating each of our customers' pianos with the respect they deserve. The New Jersey Warehouseman and Movers Association (NJWMA) has awarded us nine Circle of Excellence awards, and we have plenty of 5-star reviews.


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