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Hiring New Jersey Moving Help & Moving Labor

There is much to consider when planning a move, and choosing which moving service will benefit you best is arguably the most important. The first step to stress free relocation is hiring a trusted moving company! The next step is to pick the right service; you don’t have to choose between a full service moving company and doing it all on your own!

Harrington Moving & Storage provides top New Jersey moving helpers; they will focus on the labor portion of your relocation, whereas a full service movers would handle every aspect (including the transportation.) If you’re looking for a team to handle the heavy lifting but have everything else squared away, then New Jersey moving help by the hour is your best bet!

Benefits of Moving Helpers

You will experience the following benefits when working with New Jersey movers for hire:
  • Convenience: New Jersey moving helpers provide convenience in a typically stressful time. 
  • Control: You can pick and choose which services you want to pay for. 
  • Flexibility: New Jersey moving assistance is flexible; unlike a full service move, you can choose who transports your belongings. 
  • Safety: Moving heavy furniture alone can be dangerous! Instead, hire New Jersey load/unload help.
  • Affordability: New Jersey local moving help will provide the expensive equipment and premier materials, saving you thousands in moving costs. 
  • Saves time: If you’re crunched for time, New Jersey moving labor help can pack, load, and unload your moving truck in a fraction of the time. 
  • Moving is more difficult than it looks: While it may seem straightforward, relocating comes with an array of complicated logistics, but New Jersey moving helpers can handle everything for you. 
  • There is less chance of damage occurring: Top New Jersey moving labor services are the best of the best; our movers are trained professionals, lessening the chance of damaged goods. 

What Professional Moving Helpers Do

You can’t go wrong with New Jersey moving labor; we will pack and unpack your belongings and are trained in furniture assembly and disassembly. We can help load and unload your moving truck (container or pod) and bring all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies for a successful transition. New Jersey moving helpers are trained professional and will provide you with a stress free moving experience. 

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in New Jersey

There are many reasons people seek New Jersey labor for moving; New Jersey moving labor services are dependable and can reduce wasted time and money. Here are a few reasons you may need New Jersey hire moving help.

Load/unload a moving container

Oftentimes, moving containers are more affordable, which people prefer. Moving container companies (like Pod, Pack, Rat, or Reloc Cube) will provide a driver, which is convenient and easy. You’re also allowed to order containers as they fill, which means you won’t waste any space—or money! These companies also let you outsource your New Jersey furniture moving helpers; you won’t have to deal with the heavy lifting or pay for a full service move!

Truck rental loading/unloading

Rental trucks are most popular for smaller residential, dorm, and apartment moves; you likely don’t need an entire specialized moving truck or large moving container.

If you choose the convenience and flexibility of working with a truck rental company like Uhaul, Budget, or Penske, New Jersey uhaul movers can still lessen your load. We can pack, load, unload, and unpack all your belongings—all you have to worry about is the transportation of your items.

Freight Trailer Loading - Freight Moving Companies

If you’re a hybrid mover, working with a Freight trailer moving company is likely your best option. Freight moving companies will transport or ship items for you, and you’re given the option to outsource your New Jersey moving help. Freight trailers are most popular during long distance and interstate moves, as most people relocating to a new state can’t be present on moving day.

Self-Storage Move-In/Move-Out

Even if you aren’t moving to a new city or state, New Jersey moving helpers can still provide assistance. If you’re downsizing, taking care of some spring cleaning, or renovating your home, New Jersey moving help will transfer your household goods in and out of storage.


Your New Jersey movers for hire will securely pack and unpack your prized possessions, resulting in a quick and easy relocation.

Remodel a Home

While exciting, home remodels can turn stressful in a blink of an eye. If you’re concerned that your large appliances, expensive furniture, or beloved heirlooms may be damaged during renovations, you should seek New Jersey moving assistance. Trusted movers will gladly transport them to a new location.

Cost of Hiring New Jersey Moving Helpers

New Jersey movers for hire are charged differently than full service movers. For example, a full service relocation is charged at a flat rate, whereas New Jersey moving helpers are charged by the hour. 

We will discuss the parameters that will affect the hourly rate you pay below, but the only way to get an accurate estimate is by contacting a professional moving company for a customized quote. 

Harrington Movers & Storage will evaluate these circumstances when providing New Jersey moving labor services: 
  • Desired moving date
  • The number of members that are required to get the job done
  • The job’s level of difficulty
  • Additional services you request
Regardless of your needs, Harrington Moving & Storage will provide you with an affordable price!

Hire Harrington Movers & Storage for New Jersey Moving Helper

Top-rated New Jersey moving help is hard to come by, which is why researching any company you’re considering is key. 

You’re chosen New Jersey uhaul movers should boast the following stats:
  • Years of experience
  • Awesome local moving reviews
  • Low claims rate
  • Awesome customer service
  • Licensed & insured
Harrington Moving & Storage has hundreds of positive customer reviews, is licensed and insured, and has 30 years of moving industry experience. All our employees are trusted and background-checked!


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