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Starter Moving Kit
Starter Moving Kit

12 Medium Boxes (18x14x12), 6 Large Boxes (20x20x15), 55 yards of Packing Tape

$44.99 $0.00
Box Combo kit
Box Combo kit

8 Small Boxes (16x10x10), 6 Medium Boxes (18x14x12), 2 Large Boxes (20x20x15), 40' of Bubble, 55 yards of Packing Tape, 1 Box Marker

$41.99 $0.00
Bedroom kit
Bedroom kit

1 Wardrobe Boxes (24x24x40), 7 Medium Boxes (18x14x12), 3 Large Boxes (20x20x15), 55 yards of Packing Tape, 40' of 5/16 Real Bubble Wrap®, 1 Box Marker

$42.99 $0.00
1-2 Room Moving Kit
1-2 Room Moving Kit

18 Medium Boxes (18x14x12), 9 Large Boxes (20x20x15), 110 Yards Tape, (1) Marker

$62.99 $0.00
Small Moving Boxes
Small Moving Boxes (25) 16x10x10 Moving Boxes

One of our most useful boxes that is great for shipping, moving or storing books, collectibles and many of your household items. Our sturdy, high-quality boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box. Moving tip: save money by reusing this frame box to pack your paintings, pictures and...

$29.99 $0.00
Medium Moving Boxes
Medium Moving Boxes (20) 18x14x12 Moving Boxes

The medium box is the workhorse of any move. They're not too small and they're not too big...our medium boxes are perfect for moving, shipping or storing most of your household items. Our sturdy, high-quality boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box. Moving tip: save money by...

$34.99 $0.00
Large Moving Boxes
Large Moving Boxes (12) 20x20x15 Moving Boxes

Large moving boxes are ideal for clothes, bedroom linens, towels and other bulky household items. You can also use large boxes for moving and storage of bigger household items such as collectibles, holiday ornaments, serving platters, lamps, stereos and computer equipment. Our sturdy, high-quality...

$34.99 $0.00
XLarge Moving Boxes
XLarge Moving Boxes (10) 23x23x16 Moving Boxes

XLarge moving boxes are perfect for shipping, storing and moving your larger household items such as comforters, blankets, clothes, lamps and pillows. Our sturdy, high-quality boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box. Moving tip: XLarge boxes are big, so remember to load them with...

$35.99 $0.00
Wardrobe Boxes
Wardrobe Boxes (3) 24x24x40 Wardrobe Boxes

Our wardrobe boxes aren't wimpy! They are larger than most - a massive 24x24x40 - and these boxes act like an extra-strength portable closet! Our heavy-duty wardrobe boxes keep your clothes from sagging and getting dirty during storage or moving. Each wardrobe box comes with a sturdy metal hanger...

$39.99 $0.00
Kitchen Boxes
Kitchen Boxes (8) 18x18x22 Dish Pack Boxes

Use what the pros use to pack a kitchen – heavy-duty dish boxes. This bundle includes enough boxes to pack a typical kitchen, including your dishes, glasses, china and cookware. Pack your kitchen like a professional mover – use super-strong boxes and wrap your dishes and glassware in plenty of...

$35.99 $0.00
File Boxes
File Boxes (12)16x12.5x10 File Moving Boxes

Pack your home office in minutes! Our professional file boxes will hold legal and letter files and keep you organized. Keep all of your paperwork, important documents, manuals, receipts and even coin collections in these special file boxes. Each file box comes with an attached lid and requires no...

$35.99 $0.00
Frame Boxes
Frame Boxes (8) 26.5 x 6 x 41 Frame Boxes

Great for moving, storing or shipping large picture frames, paintings, mirrors and any large, thin item. Typically, each heavy-duty frame box should handle two or three paintings, pictures or mirrors. Moving tip: the best way to protect your paintings, mirrors and pictures is to cover each corner...

$35.99 $0.00
Packing Tape
Packing Tape (12) Rolls of 55 yards x 2 Packing Tape

This twelve (12) roll bundle of clear packing tape will give you 660 yards of tape - that's equal to more than six football fields of tape! Moving tip: tape makes everything stronger, so don't skimp on tape. Tape your boxes closed, tape the sides of boxes for additional support and use tape to...

$24.99 $0.00
Tape & Dispenser Kit
Tape & Dispenser Kit (6) Rolls - 330 Yards of Tape & (1) Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

Make packing and sealing your boxes easier with a tape and dispenser kit. The sturdy tape dispenser will hold a standard core of tape and comes fully assembled. This kit comes with six (6) rolls (330 yards) of high-grade tape.

$24.99 $0.00
Packing Paper (25lbs)
Packing Paper (25lbs) 25lbs of 24x36 Inkless Newsprint

We're going to let you in on a secret, but first a question: have you ever seen a professional mover use bubble wrap? Probably not. That's right, packing paper is the choice of pros. It's the perfect item for protecting fragile items and filling empty spaces in your moving boxes. This bundle of...

$34.99 $0.00
Packing Paper (10lbs)
Packing Paper (10lbs) 10lbs of 24x36 Inkless Newsprint

This bundle of paper contains 10lbs of 24x36 inkless paper.

$19.99 $0.00
Protective Bubble
Protective Bubble 80' of Protective Bubble Wrap

Protect your belongings with our big bundles of Protective Bubble Wrap. It's 12 Wide x 80' Long and perforated for easy separation. Ideal for moving and protecting glass and other fragile items.

$19.99 $0.00
Paper Moving Pads
Paper Moving Pads

You get 12 huge moving pads, (4'x6' each) perfect for protecting your furniture from dirt and scratches. They are triple-cushioned and are the perfect fit on all sizes of furniture and appliances. This is the most economical way to protect 4-6 rooms of valuables.

$29.99 $0.00
Mattress Cover Kit
Mattress Cover Kit

(2) Polyethylene Queen Mattress Covers - 60x11x92 & (2) Polyethylene Twin/Full Mattress Covers - 52x9x85

$19.99 $0.00
Stretch Wrap
Stretch Wrap (3) 1000' x 5 Roll of Stretch Wrap

Protect everything and anything with these big rolls of 1000'x5 stretch wrap. Professional movers know that stretch wrap is the perfect product to protect your couches, tables, dressers, mattresses and virtually any other bulky item in your home. Keep the dust, dirt and scratches away. Moving tip:...

$22.99 $0.00
Quilted Moving Blankets
Quilted Moving Blankets (2) 72x80 Quilted Moving Blankets

Protect any large piece of furniture or household item that you cannot fit in a box. You get two (2) of our professional 72x80 moving blankets. They are made of a strong, woven fabric with finished corners. They can be used over and over again and for long-term storage too.

$27.99 $0.00
Accessory Kit
Accessory Kit Combine & Save with our accessory kit!

10 lbs. of 24x36 Paper, (1) 1000'x5 Stretch Wrap Roll, 20' of Protective Bubble, (220) Yards Tape, (1) Pair Grip Gloves, (1) Marker

$33.99 $0.00


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