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While there are many great New Jersey towns and cities to live in, seeking a change of scenery is entirely understandable. While some may move to Maplewood, NJ, others relocate to Mykonos, Greece. Moving abroad involves many complicated logistics, and while incredibly exciting, New Jersey international moving can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. In 2020, nine million US residents lived overseas, and many were dependent on a New Jersey international moving company to get there.

Harrington Moving & Storage has the experience and expertise to move you overseas in a stress-free, affordable manner. We’ve handled many international relocations and are happy to lessen your load before your adventure abroad. Contact us at (973) 313-2246 for a free New Jersey overseas move estimate.

What Is a New Jersey International Move?

The term “international moving” pertains to any relocation outside the US. Most commonly, international moves occur overseas; CNN says Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom are a few of the most popular destinations for US workers moving abroad. However, Canada and Mexico are still considered international moves.

Here are some terms you should familiarize yourself with:

Origin agent: A representative located at the point of origin who facilitates logistics and shipping processes, ensuring efficient handling of goods and compliance with regulations.
Freight forwarder: A company or individual that arranges transportation of goods on behalf of shippers, managing various aspects such as documentation, customs clearance, and transportation modes.
Consolidating warehouse: A facility where cargo from multiple shippers is consolidated before being transported to its destination, optimizing shipping efficiency and reducing costs.
Export/origin port: The seaport or airport where goods are loaded onto vessels or aircraft for transportation to international destinations, serving as the point of departure for export shipments.
Shipping line or carriers: International shipping companies in New Jersey provide transportation services for cargo, operating vessels, trucks, or other modes of transport to move goods between ports or terminals.
Destination port: The seaport or airport where goods arrive from their origin, serving as the entry point for import shipments into a country or region.
Customs: Governmental bodies overseeing the import and export of goods, conducting inspections, implementing duties tariffs, and managing clearance procedures.
Destination agent: A representative located at the destination point who assists with customs clearance, delivery arrangements, and other logistics tasks to ensure the smooth arrival of goods.

If you’re moving out of the country, you’re not alone; the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) estimated that about 4.8 million US citizens lived in a different country in 2018. People move overseas with New Jersey international movers for many reasons. While some are looking for a lower cost of living, others crave a unique experience in a new place.

In contrast, people could be moving for their significant other or to be closer to family. No matter the reasoning behind your New Jersey international move, Harrington Moving & Storage is ready to help!

How to Move Overseas With Harrington Moving & Storage

The best way to tackle your international relocation is to hire the best international movers in New Jersey!

Our International Moving Services

Harrington Moving & Storage will provide a step-by-step moving plan and the international moving services you need:
Our New Jersey overseas movers will handle all customs documentation to ensure a seamless international relocation process.
We will coordinate the entire move with a dedicated move coordinator.
International movers in New Jersey provide the boxes and appropriate packing materials.
A top New Jersey international moving company securely packs all belongings.
We will load your furniture and boxes into the container for transportation.
We will arrange the container shipment to the final destination port and oversee the process.
Harrington Moving will unload your furniture and boxes at the destination.
We are happy to help transport and place furniture and boxes in the new home.
Our team can assemble furniture at the new residence.
We offer storage options at both origin and destination.
Our crew will unpack boxes and organize belongings.
We can disassemble and reassemble furniture as needed.
We can transport appliances (this excludes disconnecting and/or connecting).
If requested we can arrange vehicle shipping.
When you work with international movers in New Jersey, we will handle every aspect of your move, ensuring a seamless relocation.

How Much Do New Jersey International Movers Cost?

While the only way to get an accurate estimate is by contacting Harrington Moving & Storage, knowing what goes into formulating a quote is a great start.

A major cost factor is how the move happens, i.e., by truck, air, or ocean. If you’re relocating to Mexico or Canada, your items will be transported on a specialized moving truck; air transportation is highly expensive and isn’t commonly used. Most overseas relocations utilize large shipping vessels to ship their items to their international destination.

There are three main sizes of containers:

20 feet long - allows for 1,172 cubic feet of volume or 33.2 square meters
40 feet long - allows for 2,120 cubic feet of volume or 60 square meters
There is even a 40 foot high cube
The more items you have (the more space you need), the more your relocation will cost. If you have a few items, you can opt for Less Container Load (LCL), which involves shipping your items with other people's belongings to lessen costs; you only pay for the space you use. If you have many items or want to ship them alone, choose Full Container Load (FCL). FCL is when your items are shipped in their own shipping container. While this is clearly the most secure option, it’s also more expensive than LCL.

Once you decide how you’d like to ship your items, one of our team members will evaluate them and determine how many cubic feet your goods will take up. The more cubic feet, the more you will pay.

Other factors that affect the final cost of your New Jersey movers are:
Your current location in the US (origin) and the destination country
Move-out and move-in dates, considering weekends or peak seasons
Whether packing and unpacking services are needed
Costs associated with customs clearance and paperwork
Insurance coverage
Shipping requirements for a vehicle
Additional services like appliance handling

If you opt for other services, like New Jersey storage, New Jersey packing, or New Jersey white glove delivery, this will increase the final price.

Ultimately, the only way to get an accurate estimate of your move is to contact Harring Moving & Storage at (973) 313-2246 for a free estimate. We provide free quotes virtually, saving you time and money!

International Moving Tips From New Jersey

You can count on us to provide you with a smooth transition, but planning ahead is a great way to avoid any hiccups.

Here are a few tips to help keep you organized during this stressful time:

  • Collect essential documents such as passports, birth certificates, and driver's licenses
  • Research where to donate furniture in NJ
  • Organize and tidy up your residence by decluttering
  • Arrange air tickets and accommodations for your travel
  • Notify schools locally and overseas and request transfer certificates
  • Complete change-of-address forms and updates
  • If you are selling your house, list it on the market
  • If transporting your vehicle, review car registration and import regulations
  • Explore requirements for international driving permits

Agencies and Resources for International Moving

  • USA.GOV - A crucial official website providing essential resources for Americans traveling abroad.
  • STEP - Register with the U.S. Embassy’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to receive updates on safety conditions in your new country and to ensure prompt communication during emergencies.
  • U.S. Embassy or Consulate website - Access contact details for the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in your destination country.
  • International Driving Permit - Obtain an International Driving Permit through AAA, authorized by the US Department of State.
  • US Department of State - Stay informed with accurate country updates, including COVID status, travel advisories, contacts, and necessary information.

How to Choose the Best New Jersey International Moving Company

Finding the best New Jersey international movers requires research and international moving knowledge. If you’ve never moved to a new country, we’re here to explain how it works and what you should expect from your chosen international movers in New Jersey.

Harrington Moving & Storage has served New Jersey residents for over 30 years and boasts the experience and resources you want in your chosen New Jersey international moving company.

Any international moving companies in New Jersey you’re considering should have the following:

Many years of experience
A low claims rate
The proper licenses and insurance
Climate-controlled storage services
Ample New Jersey International moving experience
The proper equipment for moving safely and without damage and trucks that are meant to handle expensive and delicate furniture
Excellent customer service

Your New Jersey international movers should provide the New Jersey international moving services to meet your needs. You should check their Yelp and Google reviews to ensure other customers are happy with their services.

Harrington Moving & Storage boasts the above and more! We’re fully licensed and insured, and our well-trained crew is experienced in international relocations. Our team is ready to provide our expertise; we will handle every aspect of your move with ease and will provide the proper moving services at the right price.

Getting Yourself Overseas

Most people leaving the US will utilize the Newark Liberty International Airport, the hub for United Airlines, JetBlue, and Continental Airlines. Newark Airport serves 43.4 million passengers annually.

Moving to a New Country With Harrington Moving & Storage

Let Harrington Moving & Storage provide our top New Jersey international movers! We’re experienced professionals and can’t wait to add you to our list of happy customers. Contact us at (973) 313-2246 with any questions and for a free moving quote.


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