New Jersey Mover Review by J. T.

On Monday, July 20, 2015, Harrington’s team of movers successfully moved the contents of our townhome where we had lived the past 24 years. The closing was the following day, I had been up all night and there were things still needing to be packed. Needless to say, our stress level was very high when I called their manager early that morning. He assured me everything was planned for and that his team would take care of it. He was right. Harrington’s four-man crew arrived on time, we did a walkthrough, and immediately they started wrapping, packing, and moving out our stuff. Throughout the house and then in the garage, the four proceeded like a well-trained team of Special Forces on a mission – focused and coordinated, anticipating and integrating each member’s movements/duties. They worked at a fast pace, silently and tirelessly the entire time. All one could hear was the continuous raging sound of furniture wrap and taping as they did their work. The work was not entirely straight forward. We were moving it all to Harrington’s storage facility and that required special wrapping. Several furniture pieces and a gym set required partial dis-assembly, which they did with expertise and without delay. They carried large, heavy furniture and the bulky gym set down a reversing stairway without touching the walls and a delicate hanging metal/glass lamp (my favorite) above the middle landing. Since we were not completely packed they had to attend to specific boxing needs as they arose. At one point they quickly recovered off the truck a missing blow-up bed bag (I had not identified as a ‘not to go’ item) that we needed to sleep on that night. The last task of the day was down the street at my storage unit, where they picked up more boxes and three bicycles. Fully loaded, the truck was exactly right-sized for the move. It was quite an effort that day as the weather was extremely hot and humid. Yet there was no complaining or slowing down by these guys. At all times Harrington’s movers were professional, polite, courteous, even cheerful. We could not have asked for, nor did we anticipate the level of effort and efficiency of their actions. Rarely, if ever have I seen teamwork like that. Harrington’s performance reduced our stress level. It was a perfect move.