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November 7, 2022

Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Moving during the Holidays can be very stressful. It is often a time of gathering and jumping from house to house. At Harrington Movers we have done a lot of holiday moves and have put together a list of tips to make your move less chaotic. Do not hesitate to call us if you need assistance or have any questions about making your holiday move easier!

Hire Your Movers Early

Booking during the holidays can be tricky. It is best to never assume a moving company will have availability during a holiday season. It is very common for moving company employees to schedule vacation during these times and your move cannot be successful without an entire crew. Simply booking your move in advance or as soon as you know your move is coming can help your selected moving team to correctly plan for your next residential move

Begin Packing ASAP!

We always recommend you start going through your items and packing them early if you are doing it yourself. During the holidays you may want to spend time with family so it is extra important to plan your packing. However, if you are looking to skip the hassle of packing, we would love to help you at Harrington Movers. Call and ask about our professional moving packages.

Let Others Host the Next Holiday

If you are commonly the host of your family's holiday parties, you may want to ask another family member to take over for a year. Packing and unpacking can really take a toll on your home and your energy. It really is not a recipe for a successful party. 

Put Off Large Item Purchases

It is difficult to move large items yourself, especially if you are moving long-distance. We know it is tempting to buy a new big item during the holiday seasons, but we do suggest putting off this purchase until after you move. Often you can buy items and get them delivered after you move. If it is a deal you just cannot pass by, ask about this option. 

Clearly Label Holiday Decorations

We know people like to decorate for all types of holidays. If you are moving just before a holiday, make sure to properly label and pack these items for easy access at your new location. You will not want to be digging through multiple boxes to get your home decorated! 

Decide Which Items to Donate

We always suggest you go through your items before you move and consider donating items you will not need in your new home. There are a variety of places that are constantly taking donations like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and Salvation Army. This will also help you not have to pay to move items that you no longer need.

Call to Get a Moving Estimate Ahead of Time

If the holidays are a time where you spend a good amount of money, make sure to budget for moving expenses ahead of time. Your budget will depend on the distance you move, as well as packing options and the number of belongings you need moved. At Harrington Movers we can help you get a custom estimate before your holiday move. Call us today to get started on a free estimate service. 

Harrington Movers
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