Should I Move During the Holidays Season? Pros and Cons

Moving is no easy business. You've got a bunch of things to do and a lot to think about. Whether you're moving within the neighborhood or across the country, your timing needs to be impeccable. Maybe you're asking yourself; should I move during the holiday season? Well, Christmas moving comes with lots of advantages and can be an enjoyable experience. In this post, we'll discuss the pros and cons of moving on holiday season. 

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While moving during the holiday season may sound like a recipe for misery, there are some positive aspects to it.


Most moving companies are fully booked during summer, spring, and autumn. If you're on a tight budget, you'll save some bucks when you move during the holidays. Professional moving services are generally in less demand. Some moving companies offer discounts to attract customers. 

During the busy season, you may have to book a company a few weeks in advance to reserve a spot. The holiday season gives you more freedom, and you don't have to worry that your favorite company is fully booked.

You don't have to stop working

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to relocate and managing your work at the same time. Sometimes, it's not possible to take some days off and move. And if you're lucky to get some paid time off, that's not how you envisioned spending your time. Again, you don't want to spend your evening and weekends trying to cram everything. 

During the holidays, you're probably not working so you can move with ease. Not to mention, you have all the time to put everything in order.

The helping hands are on vacation

Now that your kids are on a vacation, you can enlist their help. Your friends are also likely to be in their homes, so you can request their generosity. If you plan ahead, you can relocate to your new home and spare time for the annual celebrations.

As you pack with the help of the family members, the bond becomes even stronger. It's also the perfect time to share anxiety, happiness and create memories.

It's fun to combine your vacation with your interstate move

Once you've packed up, you can make an adventure out of your transit. Also, before you start unpacking and settling in your new home, you can take some time and connect with your family. If you're taking a road trip, you can research the best hotels to spend your time in.

Donating during the holidays is a great idea 

During the holiday season, many organizations and charities are always looking for donations. You can take your time to plan what you wish to donate; this is a great time to donate food. It's the best way to light up the spirit of the needy and downsize your move.

Your kids will start school easily

When you move during the holiday season, you won't interrupt the learning for your children. Not to mention, they will adapt to the new environment easily.

Traffic won't be a problem

When you relocate during the holidays, traffic is less on the streets. This means that you can move your things safely to the new house. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. During the holidays, some streets may close while others could parade special events. To avoid any mishaps, you should research your town events calendar.  

Great choice of movers

During the holiday season, there are lots of companies to fit your move. With that in mind, you can find a mover even in the last-minute rush. And the moving consultants will give you attention to their moving details. When you hire the right NJ moving company you can also be sure the moving crew will handle your items with utmost care.

It's a good time to say goodbye

While there's no good time to say goodbye, people get together during the holiday season. Therefore, you don't have to make rounds before you relocate. Just because you've scheduled for Thanksgiving moving, it doesn't mean that you forgo the family value.

Less holiday stresses

While holidays are the perfect time to spend time with your family and friends, moving will ease the stress of getting the best home decorations. Even better, you don't have to think about family gatherings and parties. And no one will judge for not attending that office Christmas party. 

If your family does those group celebrations, nobody expects you to carry the brunt of festivities. Best of all, you won't be tasked with cleaning, baking, or anything else that needs to be done.

Offers a fresh start

You may be nostalgic about the previous celebrations you had last Christmas, but the new home is a fresh start. It's the right spot to begin your year.


There are some negative sides when moving between the holidays.

The weather may not be your buddy

You won't have an easy time moving during the winter months. The icy ad snowy roads can get dangerous. Sometimes, the whole transport industry can hit a snag. 

When moving, you have to keep warm. And, speaking of which, you could be moving from a warm climate to areas with harsher winters. Do you get the picture?

You'll deal with more stress

During the holiday season, we have something in our lives we'd like to change. So, holiday stress is a real thing. When you move, you're uprooting your life from one place and taking it to a different location. Suffice to say, you won't have an easy time if two stressful periods overlap. To ensure you have less stress as you relocate, you should plan early. Also, you should work with a moving company to ensure you do less grunt work yourself.

You might skip the holidays

If it's a tradition to spend your holidays with your family, you have to sacrifice when moving. You'll spend most of the time packing which is not an exciting activity for the holidays.

It isn't that much fun considering that your friends are traveling and relaxing as you pack. And things could get worse. If your kids like holidays and vacations, you'll have a lot of explaining to do. They won't be excited knowing their friends are having fun.

Moving tips during the holidays

Plan early

Moving during the winter period can take a lot of your time. This is where you focus your attention on the calendar. You can mark those things you can't change like the kid's exams. Then, you should look at other less essential things like social events.

Create multiple budgets

While moving during the winter is cheaper, you don't want to be caught by unexpected expenses. Your budget can stretch further if you have a large family. If you don't want to sacrifice the Christmas holiday, then you have to budget for more.

Prepare for inclement weather

Let's face it; winter weather is unpredictable. A lot can happen even the day you've planned to move. You should cover your mattresses and sofas just in case the weather takes a different turn. Besides, a snowstorm may not be scenic when moving during Christmas. Always keep your belongings safe.

Schedule utility activation

The last thing you want is to spend on a cold house once you move in. By now, you know how it feels to spend a night without heat during those winter months. A few days before you move, you can schedule for utilities to be turned on.

Donate those possessions

Donating unwanted possessions will not only lighten your load but also helps families in need. It's the best time to purge those items you don't need anymore.

Give yourself plenty of time to pack

A move takes a lot of time and you could be slowed down by other commitments during the Christmas season. Just check your calendar and schedule a few days to do the packing. Don't procrastinate, or you'll be left to do all the works as others celebrate. 

If you're still in the holiday spirit, you may want to pack your Christmas decoration, presents, and gift wraps in separate boxes. You could even ask the movers to place all the gifts in a strategic position once you arrive home. That way, you don't have to worry about your holiday treasures.

Family concerns

Most holiday seasons are in the middle of the school year. That's why you should help your kids make the necessary adjustments. Most importantly, ensure all the important records and documents reach the respective school accordingly. I suggest before you move that you contact the old school to advise you on the transition.

Enhance home safety

Most robberies and home invasions happen during the holiday season - the last thing you need is someone breaking into your home during Christmas. It can be worse if someone intrudes into your house before and after a move. Perhaps, you can call your security provider to install the system in your house prior to moving.

Timing is everything

When juggling a move to your new home, timing can make a big difference. The best approach is to shop for gift cards early before you get that phone call on your pending move. Don't forget to share the address of the new location.

Final thoughts

Moving on holiday season doesn't have to be overwhelming. No matter where you relocate, the key to successful moving is planning and preparing for the unexpected. Harrington Movers is a professional company that guarantees stress-free moving through any conditions. Whether it's Christmas or thanksgiving moving, the team will figure out the most efficient way to help you relocate to your new home.

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