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May 2, 2019

Relocation 101: Moving Your Household’s Luxury Items

Moving even the most mundane items from your home--like clothing, books, and kitchenware, for example—requires a certain amount of planning and expertise to handle correctly. However, moving specialty items, like large or heavy items, delicate and fragile belongings, and luxury items from your home can be particularly challenging.

That last category—luxury items—covers a wide spectrum of household goods, from jewelry and paintings to valuable artwork and fine cars. While some luxury items are fairly tough and resistant to damage, protecting them during the move is still important. This is especially true in the case of long-distance moves. The longer your belongings are in transit the greater the potential for damage to occur.

If you’re planning on relocating and wondering what to do with your luxury items, Harrington Moving & Storage can help. Take a look at this guide to some of our most commonly requested specialized moving solutions designed to keep your items safe during your next household relocation.

Luxury Items are not Created Equally

Moving your high-value items requires a personalized solution, as valuable items come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. In other words, each item you’re moving will require a different set of instructions for packing and transporting to a new home.

As an obvious example, a collection of priceless wines will require different attention and care than what your antique piano needs for relocation. Both items are of high value, yet fragile in different ways. In this section, we’ve provided a breakdown of how some of the most common luxury items should be moved for your consideration.

  • Fur Coats: Unlike other coat materials, fur is extremely delicate. Fur should never be wrapped in plastic, and should instead be wrapped with acid-free packing pads or another similar and gentle packing material. In addition, furs are sensitive to weather changes. For this reason, you will want to transport your fur coats in climate-controlled conditions to keep them protected.
  • Pianos: Equally as heavy as it is fragile, your piano also needs special care when being moved to a new home. The outer shell and the inner workings of the instrument are the most fragile components of the piano. Consider special straps that keep the piano in place without scuffing the finish. Also, remove the legs if possible. When in doubt, hire professional movers that can custom-fit a specialized crate made just for transporting your piano safely and securely.
  • Wine Collections: Wine collections need consistent monitoring throughout the moving process. Wine is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which means that extreme changes can take the centerpiece of your collection and make it unfit to use even as a cooking wine. Wine collections are best protected when individually packed and in climate-controlled environments.
  • Jewelry / Precious Metals / Coins: Overall, your jewelry is pretty tough since it’s made of metal. However, it’s the details that lead to ruin for your precious metals and jewelry. Some metals are sensitive to humidity changes. Also, the tiniest bumps can mess up a setting leading to costly repairs. The best solution is to take special care in padding and protection of your metal items to protect from bumps and changes in the environment.
  • Artwork/Sculptures: Art comes in all shapes and sizes—and can be heavy, bulky, exceedingly fragile, or all of the above. Depending on the type of art in question, there are different solutions needed for safe transportation. Sculptures need a reinforced crate while being tied down and padded to ensure that the piece cannot shift inside the crate, or that the crate won’t collapse under the weight. Paintings need climate-controlled conditions while being safely wrapped to protect against changes in the environment.
  • Family Heirlooms: These items are of high value for sentimental and possibly monetary reasons. Only you can determine what an heirloom is for you and your family. Consider what the heirloom is made of and it’s inherent fragility to determine the proper moving solution for the item in question.

No matter how protected your items are, you should always consider taking advantage of full valuation coverage or additional moving insurance to protect yourself in the event of something happening to your luxury items. The last thing you want to experience is getting reimbursement of $1.60 for a $5,000 sculpture because it only weighed two pounds.

Since our beginning, we have worked tirelessly to provide the best moving experience for our customers. A part of that has been the service we offer to accommodate the moving of luxury items. We offer specialized crating solutions along with additional equipment and training to ensure that your items are perfectly safe during transport.

Ready to schedule your move with us at Harrington Moving & Storage? Give us a call to speak with one of our movers to learn more about our moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free, in-home assessment.

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