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Learning how to protect your belongings is a crucial part of every relocation. When moving furniture, you must protect them to ensure they arrive safely to the next destination.

From couches to dining room tables, a large part of the moving process is protecting your items. This article will cover how to protect your furniture during a residential move. 

Disassemble Furniture Before The Move

When possible, you should disassemble the furniture before the relocation. By disassembling the furniture, you can open up more space in a moving truck and make them easier to transport throughout a home.

If you don't disassemble large pieces of furniture, there is a high chance of them hitting a door frame or wall. Minimizing the required space will make protecting your valuable furniture an easier process. 

Wrap Furniture in Protective Padding

The key to protecting your furniture in the back of a moving truck is wrapping it in protective padding. If your furniture shifts during the transportation process, the padding will help cushion the impact.

Some effective materials for wrapping your furniture are:

  • Plastic Stretch Wrap
  • Moving Blankets
  • Bubble Roll
  • Cardboard Sheets

Add More Protection to Glass Surfaces

Whenever you are transporting glass elements like a dining room table, you should protect the glass with moving blankets. The fragile glass surface can break if residential movers hit it on a corner by accident. 

If the glass element is wrapped in a thick furniture blanket, the glass won't break when hit in most cases. However, if the glass breaks, the protection will also contain the pieces of broken glass. 

Photograph the Furniture Before Transporting Them

When working with a trustworthy moving and storage company, you can pay for insurance valuation for your move. Before the move, you can document the condition of your furniture and compare it to its state after the move. 

If you notice any signs of damage to your furniture, you may be able to receive money for its value. While filing a claim for damage, having photographic evidence of the damage caused by the move can make the process smoother.

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