Dog sitting in front of a cardboard box with pet toys in it

While moving can be exciting, it can also be a little chaotic. Make sure you make the right accommodations for everyone in your household—including your furry friends! Harrington Movers is a professional moving and storage company that knows the bests tips for handling your move. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can plan for moving with all of your pets.

How to Make Sure Your Pet is Comfortable

The most important part of planning a move with your pet is making sure they are comfortable during the process. While moving is a lot of work for us, it can also be stressful for our animals. To make your move easier on your pet, you can:

  • Find a Pet Sitter: While local movers handle your entire move, it still helps to make sure your pet is in a safe home while you and your team work. Schedule a visit with a trusted pet sitter ahead of time.
  • Have Enough Comfort Items: Bring extra items your pet may enjoy such as their favorite toy and snacks.
  • Carry Pet Supplies: Don’t pack away items you may need. Carry leashes, food, and sanitary items with you.
  • Find the Right Veterinarian: You don’t want to be stuck without a professional vet in case of emergencies. Find out where your closest trusted veterinarian is in location to your new home.
  • Research Exotic Pet Regulations: Each state has different rules regarding exotic pet requirements. Make sure to do plenty of research ahead of time.
  • Double-Check Pet Restrictions: When bringing animals internationally, research that country's rules and restrictions.
  • Protect Your Pet’s Home: Whether your pet uses a crate, aquarium, or terrarium, make sure it’s properly protected. Tightly seal any loose parts and use paper or bubble wrap as protection. For an added layer of safety, thick padding can prevent cracks and other forms of damage.
  • Research Companies that Ship Pets: Hiring long-distance movers is a helpful choice for full-service relocations. If you’re moving internationally, make sure the company you work with can safely transport your pets if needed.

Work With a Professional Moving Company

At Harrington Movers, we specialize in safe moves for the entire family. Our residential movers are skilled in efficient, worry-free moving and storage services. Call us today or fill out our online form for a free moving price estimate!