A Harrington Mobile Storage unit

Storage can be a useful way to plan your relocation. Sometimes you need a place to put all of your household items before you’re able to move. While many companies transport your storage trailers as soon as they load them, Harrington Moving & Storage waits until you’re ready.

Harrington Moving & Storage offers U Pack, U Load, We Deliver storage containers that allow you the flexibility to pack and hold your items until you’re ready to move. If you have no room for self-storage, we can take your portable moving container to our New Jersey on-site storage location.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Size Storage Solutions

Portable storage containers provide you the flexibility of storing your items at anytime, anywhere, and of any size. Since you can put anything that fits into your storage container, you have the flexibility to store all of the items you need wherever you want. If you have space, leaving your container outside your house is a convenient method that allows you to quickly access your belongings as you need.

Storing at a facility gives you the flexibility to house your large portable container without worry. The portable storage containers at Harrington Moving & Storage are 16 feet long and can hold up to four rooms worth of your household goods.

Safe Portable Storage Containers

Quality storage containers are made to last through countless transportations. Weatherproof storage containers protect all of your valuable items from rain, dust, and storms. Lockable storage gives only you access to open the door of th container, ensuring that no one can get in. For added protection, use moving blankets and pads for your furniture to protect them during transportation to a larger storage facility.

The secure storage facilities at Harrington Moving & Storage are protected by:

  • 24-Hour Video Survellience
  • 24/7 On-Site Guards
  • Motion-Sensor Lighting
  • Climate-Controlled Units
  • And Many More Security Measures!

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