Person with calculator sitting in living room with boxes

Buying a house is an incredibly exciting and expensive adventure. Once you have a new place to relocate to, it is not uncommon to all of a sudden feel like you should be saving money at every corner. The team at Harrington Moving & Storage put together a list of ways you can save money on your next residential move. Our goal is to make your move as smooth and simple as possible.

Put on a Yard Sale

A great way to make money and clean out your home is to have a yard sale. You can sell some items you do not plan on moving and make a little money while also creating less work on moving day.

Donate Unwanted Furniture and Clothing

If a yard sale is not your speed, you can get rid of items by donating them to a family member or local organization. The fewer items you have on moving day the better. This will help you save money by not having to rent a moving truck for as long of a time frame.

Donate Any Non-Perishable Foods

Did you know that non-perishable food items can go bad during a move, especially if you are planning a long-distance move? It is never advised to move with these items and they can take up a lot of box space. Give these items to a local church or a food bank and you could save money on moving time and boxes.

Pack with Household Fabrics

If you are looking to save money when it comes to packing materials, there are items all over your home that can be used as successful padding materials. Items like towels, blankets, and some clothing make great padding for items that do not need a higher level of packing method.

Use Reusable Moving Supplies

Hiring a professional moving company has its perks, and one of them includes using reusable moving supplies that you do not have to pay top dollar for. Some companies even let you use these items at no cost to you! If you are not using a moving company some local retail stores may carry leftover shipping boxes for no cost.

Clean Out Storage Ahead of Your Move

If you have all of your items in one place before your moving company arrives it will save you money in the long run. Each additional stop takes more time for your move to be completed which adds up quickly. If you have time before your move, cleaning out your storage unit and bringing it to your home can save you quite a bit of money.

Pick the Right Moving Company

It is not always the best idea to go with the cheapest moving company. You should always first consider what perks come along with the moving process that can count towards extra value. At Harrington Moving & Storage we suggest you check out a moving company’s reviews and reputation. You will want a company that proudly lists its accolades and memberships.

Harrington Moving & Storage is a top-tier moving and storage company. We will not disappoint you and we will customize your move to match your budget. Call us today to get a free estimate for your next move.