You have recently moved into the new neighborhood and yet to know your neighbors? Here are some interesting facts about community life and neighborly relations in the United States prepared by Pew Research Center survey in 2018.

Older Americans are more likely to know their neighbors

34% of Americans 65+ know most of their neighbors and only 4% of them don’t know any of their neighbors. Whereas only 20% of Americans under 30 know most neighbors and 23% of them don’t know any neighbors.

Interactions are still more likely to happen in person than via text or email

20% of Americans who know at least some of their neighbors will have face-to-face conversations with them several times a week rather than over the phone, email or text message (7% each).

About 2/3 of Americans who know at least some of their neighbors would leave their keys with them for emergencies

But numbers vary depending on age and ethnicity. About 72% of white adults hold this view, compared with 54% of black and 49% of Hispanic adults. About 80% of adults ages 65 and older say they are comfortable leaving a set of keys with their neighbors, compared with just half of those ages 18 to 29.

Social events among neighbors are relatively rare

Among Americans who know at least some of their neighbors, a majority (58%) say they never meet them for parties or get-togethers. About three-in-ten (28%) say they have parties or get-togethers less than once a month, and 14% say they do this monthly or more often. 

Rural residents are more likely than people in suburban and urban areas to know all or most of their neighbors

Four-in-ten rural residents say they know all or most of their neighbors, compared with 24% of urban residents and 28% of suburban residents. Roughly half of rural residents (47%) say they have face-to-face conversations with their neighbors at least once a week, with similar shares of suburban (49%) and urban residents (53%) saying the same.

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