There may come a time in your life when you will need to move from one city to another and need to store your most precious items in mobile storage. There are millions of people who use mobile storage and millions of people who are unaware of this service and what it can provide to the user. Read on to discover what is mobile storage, how much does it cost, what is a MSU and what are the benefits of using mobile storage

How Much Will it Cost for Mobile Storage?

On average, Mobile Storage Units are going to cost between $100 to $225 for the delivery charge alone. For every additional month that you need to store a mobile storage on your property to store items, there will be an additional average monthly charge of about $100 to $200 per month. If you are looking to move your unit, then additional long distance fees can add up to within the $1500 to $3000 range. Ours is 16 feet and we charge $215 per month. 

Benefits of Mobile Storage Unit

There are many benefits in using a Mobile Storage Unit to move and store your items. These include:

Weather Proof and Rodent Proof

Mobile Storage Units are made of the most durable material for storage. It does not matter if the weather is hot and humid, in the middle of snow or ice or in the middle of a rainstorm or tornado, your items will remain dry and safe. The units are also created to keep away rodents or other bugs that can sometimes get into clothing. There is no need to worry about the safety of your items while they are inside of your MSU. They will be just as safe when you take them out as when you initially placed them inside your unit.

Safe and Secure Storage

The units are safe and secure storage that will allow you to get a good night's rest. It is virtually impossible for someone to steal from your Mobile Storage Unit. It can be placed in your front or back yard without having to worry about someone coming and stealing your valuable items. The safety and security are an important part of why you would rent a MSU to hold items that you have worked so hard to accumulate over the years.

Storage at Your Location or Ours

The Mobile Storage Units are convenient for the user as it allows you to store the units on your preferred location. If you store the unit at your home, then you have the convenience of having the items readily available when you need them. The MSU's can also be stored at the company you have rented them from for a specified fee.  The moving and storage company will keep your unit for the duration of the time it is needed to move or store your valuables.


One of the most convenient things about renting a unit, is that the moving company delivers the unit right to your preferred storage place. It can be at your home or somewhere that you frequent. The comfort of being able to stay at home and have your unit personally delivered makes it worth the rental cost. This cuts down on you having to tow a large storage unit and the gasoline it takes to drive long distance from the moving company to a preferred location.

Offers Long or Short Term Storage Options

The units can be stored for either a short term or long term time period. This is the beauty of moving and storing with Mobile Storage Units. Many moving companies give you a contract if you are renting a storage unit for a minimum time period. Use your MSU for as long a time period as needed. It does not matter if it is 1 month or 1 year, the MSU can be with you to keep your clothing, furniture and other valuable items safe.

Offers a Variety of Sizes to Choose From

There are a variety of sizes to choose from when renting your Mobile Storage Unit. They vary from the smallest unit that holds 1 room to a larger unit that can hold an entire apartment or house. It gives you piece of mind that you can keep the unit on your property with all of your belongings and get them as you need them.

You Can Ship to a Storage Facility

Shipping services such as USPS or FedEX will be able to deliver your storage unit without requiring your presence. When you have an incoming shipment, these companies give the delivery driver the key to your storage unit and access to unload your items there.

How Do I Know What Size Storage Unit I Should Rent?

Standard sizes for storage units range from 5 x 10 feet to 20 x 20 feet. Most units have 8 feet ceilings except those designed to store recreational vehicles. Some are climate controlled, which is especially important for leather furniture or other items that can be damaged by excess heat.

Popularity of Self Storage

The self storage industry has become more popular as people are moving from place to place, city to city, state to state and need a storage facility to keep their items safe. The annual industry revenue for self storage is 39.5 billion dollars and there are over 49000 self storage units in the United States. There are 1.9 billion square feet of storage space with an average of 5.9 square feet for each person. There are 10.6% of families in the United States who rent a self storage space at an average cost of $89 per month.

Why Choose Mobile Storage Units?

Mobile Storage Units keep your most valuable items safe, secure and protected so you can focus on what really matters. From fires and pandemics, to construction projects and remodels, Mobile Storage Units are a reliable and affordable solution to all of your storage needs. Choose the appropriate size unit to house your items until you can move them to a more permanent home. There is nothing that cannot be stored in these units. Give yourself some peace of mind by choosing to rent and store in your new unit. It is the best thing you will do for your valuables and yourself.

These are interesting tips and advice about the Mobile Storage Unit industry. You will need a reliable moving and storage company that is able to supply your needs, the right size of unit and a great customer service team to keep you at peace with your move. The units are durable against inclement weather, rodents, bugs, theft or other possible damage to your items. Think of the other benefits of the MSU which include the fact that it is portable and convenient. It is able to be moved from one place and stored at a personal location or within the site of the storage company. The units are safe and secure and offer long term and short term options for the user. 

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