Tipping Your Movers

Be it the waiters who serve us the food at a restaurant or the valet who drove your vehicle for a few yards or the pizza delivery guy, we always are generous to tip them, but the same is not the case with movers. Although they are also providing services as to their counterparts in food services and others, but in a way more physically damaging manner. These movers are with you for half a day, the entire day, two days and  there is always confusion that people have, which is, should we tip our movers? If yes, then how much?

In this article we are going to discuss why we should tip our movers for the quality services that they provide working hard all day long to provide you with a satisfactory experience, which often requires lifting and moving heavy objects around the house. Also, when you are hiring the movers for the first time there is a lot of confusion in what is the etiquette of tipping the movers, it should not be too less to make you feel embarrassed nor should it be too much because every penny matters when it is your hard-earned money.

Why tip the movers

Moving and shifting generally is a tiresome job, which needs packaging, transporting your items over distances, sometimes across cities or states, and then the mammoth task of arranging each and every object to its right place.  

They have to take care of packaging and stretch wrapping your items, also while moving and arranging the items around your house they keep their eyes on protecting your hardwood floor, banisters, take care of your upholstered furniture to ensure that no fabric or padding is damaged, taking extra care of fragile and breakable items.

Be it our company or any New Jersey Moving Company the movers are paid a decent wage, but again what they do for that salary is a shoulder-braking hard work for every moving job and when you express your gratitude and gratefulness by giving a tip, it surely means a lot to them, it makes them feel that their hard work is recognized if you like their services and behavior is a nice gesture to show appreciation for the hard work they did.

But again, there are situations where you are not satisfied with the services they provided; maybe they broke some items or showed up before or too late, the scheduled time, or were disrespectful and rude, in those cases it is fair enough to not tip them because when you tip some it means you appreciate the service they did for you, but it makes no sense to pay a tip to someone who was rude or caused any kind of loss to you.

So, it is always advisable to hire a trustworthy and professional moving company. When you hire a company that has good reviews and are rated as good and reliable packers and movers, you get an assurance of not having any bad service experiences and are always satisfied enough that you feel pleased to pay a tip to the movers for their excellent service and courteous behavior.

Points to consider while tipping your movers

In this section we are listing some points that you can consider, which would help you decide as to why do you really want to tip your movers? And also, how much you should tip them?

Difficulty in relocation

You can consider the difficulties your movers faced while packing and relocating your items, such as heavy objects and furniture, dissembling and reassembling your furniture, navigating through narrow stairs and multiple flights of stairs, if you think relocating was really difficult you can consider a bit of an extra tip.

Appreciable behavior

If you feel that the movers were really courteous and well-mannered and other signs, such as handling fragile items with care and taking care of your hardwood floors and other items while relocating, you can again consider a big thanksgiving with an extra tip.

Quality of service

If you feel that the movers completed their job with utmost satisfaction and professionalism, keeping coordination while working, completed their job with punctuality and efficiency and maybe before the time without compromising the quality of service, you can appreciate them by giving them a nice tip.

How much to tip?

Once you are satisfied with the service and behavior of your moving crew and have made the mind that you want to tip them to appreciate their hard work and quality service that they provided, one big question comes to your mind is HOW MUCH TO TIP?

You surely don’t want to tip a meagre amount that is very low, nor would it be feasible to pay any large sum of money, as you are already relocating and relocation already has already created lots of financial burden on you. So here we would discuss some best tipping tips and ways that you can calculate the optimum tip for your hardworking crew.

How much to tip movers that are bad?

Job satisfaction is the primary concern, so how to tip the movers who did movers who were not able to provide you with quality service. In that case, you can consider the points discussed above to judge and accordingly adjust the amount of tip that you give them.

If your moving crew was not professional enough, late, careless, uncoordinated, lost valuable or caused any loss due to breakage or mishandling, then it is fair enough to adjust the tip amount in accordance with the quality of service you received. Any property damage should always be reported to the company immediately and note on your bill of landing. Many home owners still tip as they are afraid and want the men out of there home. Make sure you choose the right company and do not put your self in this position.

Tipping Long Distance and Local Movers

The average cost of long-distance moving service costs anywhere around $4000-$5000 depending on the distance and if you plan to tip your movers with a percentage, then you find it a bit stressful on your pocket to pay, say 15%-20% of that amount, would be a huge sum of money and most people would find it difficult to pay and amount which is equals to 15% of a $5000 bill, and hence, the labor generally receives anywhere from $20 per man to $60 per man for a load time of 4 to 6 hours. Larger moves 6 to 12 hours loading it is normal for the crew members to get a larger tip $100 to $150 per man. If your moving company has a driver assigned to your shipment make sure you communicate with him all your concerns. A good driver normally receives $200 tip on interstate shipments

This way you can assure that your movers are happy and thankful to you, as well as this generous move doesn’t cause any dent in your budget too.

If you feel that their service exceeds your expectations, if they did an outstanding job and you decide to pay any amount that is beyond this, you can surely go ahead with this and would be greatly appreciated by your moving crew.

When to Tip Your Movers

What is the best time to tip your movers?

Tips are often handed out to the crew after the move has been completed but it is great that you are planning to pay them a tip for their hard work, this gives them the motivation to work hard and provide you with the best satisfactory moving experience.

The best way to tip them is to hand over the envelope of the cash individually to each and every member of the moving crew, rather than just handing over the whole amount to the supervisor. This ensures that each and every member of the crew gets the exact amount that you intend to give them because when you give the whole amount to one person and ask him to distribute amongst themselves there are chances of dishonesty which would lead to the case where everyone does not get the amount that you actually tipped.

Additional Ways to Show Your Appreciation to the Movers

Cash tips are a great way to show your appreciation for their services, but in some cases, people go beyond this and treat their movers with other things that surely make their day and also help them in getting the mover done smoothly:

• Leaving a good review by mentioning their name on the company website.

• Providing them with refreshing drinks, which can be cool or hot depending on the time of the year.

• Provide them with something to snack upon and maybe some energy drinks to keep their energy levels high and help them accomplish their tasks.

• Offering your moving crew, a meal could also be a good way; you can offer the crew lunch and would surely appreciate your generous move.

• A thank you note for the team is something that really means a lot to the team, which they can take home or to their workplace.

These kind gestures by you mean a lot to the moving teams and they appreciate it a lot when you consider their hard work, this keeps them motivated and helps them keep going creating a happy atmosphere for the team.