Moving is one of the most difficult things you will do in life. Planning, organizing, lifting furniture, clothing and other treasurable items leaves you feeling exhausted. As difficult as a move can be, it is even more complicated before a major holiday like Thanksgiving. Moving furniture and boxes to get your new home organized can cause a panic attack when you know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Now the china must be unpacked, the dinner must be planned, family members need to be invited to your new home and decorations must show your personality and the festive Thanksgiving occasion. How do I prepare for moving on Thanksgiving? What are tips for a holiday season move? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

One of the best things to do when moving during the holidays is to hire a professional moving company that has experience with moves on Thanksgiving. A moving company will speak with you to discuss the items that need moving, how many rooms, how much furniture, how many boxes, if you need help with packing and how much time it will take to load and unload the moving truck after reaching your destination.

Tell Your Moving Company A Time Limit for The Move

Give your moving company a time limit for the move. Begin early in the morning with multiple movers, even if it costs more to get your items to your new home quickly and efficiently. Having the movers come the night before and pack everything will help with getting your items packed correctly and safely, while giving you free time to tackle other important issues.

Remember The Reason for the Season

Remember the reason for the Thanksgiving season. Bring your family members in a circle and ask them what they are most grateful for. This will bring family quality time bonding before your new Thanksgiving move. Ask to give thanks for the new home and for the memories that come from the old home. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for family and good friends. This will give your family the true meaning behind the Thanksgiving celebration.

Have Your Thanksgiving Meal Catered?

Your Thanksgiving move will take a lot of your time during the day and evening. There may not be enough time to gather together in the kitchen and prepare a meal. The best thing for having a great meal during the Thanksgiving holidays is to have your meal catered. Order a meal from your favorite restaurants with Turkey, ham and all of the side dishes your family enjoys. Desserts. drinks and other festive Thanksgiving cakes can also be catered in for your family to enjoy. This will give you more time to unpack the china and set the table, while creating a festive environment for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Invite Family and Friends to Your New Home

Once the movers arrive and have set up the furniture, you may want to invite a few family members and friends to celebrate your new move and the Thanksgiving holidays. Let them know that your home is still being set up, but the more the merrier to enjoy the beginning of a new life together. Good friends and family just want to celebrate and bond with you during the Thanksgiving season and won't mind a few boxes here and there. The main thing is that you are with your loved ones during the holiday season.

Unpack Your Good China

As you plan and organize your move, bubble wrap all of your china in one box to keep it safe. Let your china box be the last one loaded and the first unloaded when reaching your destination. Be sure and mark the box with a CHINA label so that you will know which box to unpack in your new home. Having china on your dining room table to bring in the holiday season in your new home, brings class and elegance to your celebration that your family will cherish and remember for many years to come.

Put Up Thanksgiving Decorations Outside and Inside Your New Home

Thanksgiving decorations will always make a new home more festive. Purchase decorations from stores or use your old decorations. Thanksgiving season will bring joy into your new home with jack - o - lanterns, pumpkin pies and other decorations for indoors and outdoors. Your family will get into the festive spirit that these Thanksgiving decorations bring to the party.

Turn On Utilities Like Electricity, Gas and Water in Your New Home for A Thanksgiving Celebration

Turn on the utilities for your new home before your move. Call the electric, gas and water companies and give them a move in date for all utilities to be set up and running in your new home. Also call and have utilities turned off in your old home. This will allow your family to do simple everyday things after your move. Things like heating leftovers, taking baths, washing dishes, cooling or heating your new home and other basic necessities.

Organize Boxes with Holiday Season Decorations

Organize and label each box during your move. This helps when the boxes are delivered to your final destination. Label holiday decorations so that they are easily accessible to unpack and hang following your new move. Hang festive Thanksgiving wreaths outside on your front door, and other festive Thanksgiving decorations to create the mood and ambience for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Set Up Your Dining Room Table and Accessories

Have your movers set up your dining room area first? They should set up this area so that you can place your china and decorate for the evening Thanksgiving celebration. Inform your movers that the kitchen, dining room area, family room and living room areas must be the first to unpack and set up. These areas will give your guests a great place to fellowship and talk about old times, even in the midst of all the moving boxes.

Bring Family and Friends to A Certain Area in The Home for Thanksgiving Games

After your movers have set up your furniture, different rooms and unloaded your boxes, remember to call friends and family to invite them over to celebrate your new home and the Thanksgiving season. Having a great support system when moving to a new destination is always a great idea. Give them a date and time for them to come to your new home. They will marvel at the new home and how much you were able to get done during the holiday season.

Watch a Warm Heartfelt Movie Centered Around Thanksgiving

Watching a great movie during the Thanksgiving season is a great way to bring all of your family and friends into one room to celebrate and reminisce together. A great movie centered around Thanksgiving is a great ending to a new move, celebration with family and friends and being grateful for your new home. Comedy movies are a great way to keep people laughing during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Choose an appropriate movie that is suitable and age appropriate for children, teenagers and adults.

Pass The Word to Family and Friends About Your NJ Movers

There is nothing better for a NJ moving company than a great reputation. Pass the word to other family members and friends about how great your Thanksgiving move was because your professional and experienced NJ movers. Give their name and contact information to others and tell them what a great job they have done. Moving is always difficult, but a professional moving company can give you peace of mind with creating a plan, organizing, packing, loading and unloading your furniture, clothing and other treasured items during a move.

These are some great tips to remember during a Thanks giving move. Hire a professional moving company that will help in all phases of your move. They will bring everything that is needed by the homeowner for a successful move. Cater your meal if moving on Thanksgiving. This will give you time to concentrate entirely on the move and setting up your new home. Begin your move early on Thanksgiving Day and give your moving company a time limit of how many hours they have to pack, get to your destination and unload the moving truck. Check to make sure the moving company is available on the Thanksgiving holiday. Organize and label each box, especially the CHINA box and HOLIDAY DECORATIONS so they are easily accessible for unpacking and decorating upon arriving to your new home. Place holiday Thanks giving decorations outdoors and indoors at your new home. Hang a Thanksgiving wreath on the front door of your new home, decorate indoors with carved pumpkins, pies and other decorations. Set up your dining room table with your good china and other Thanksgiving accessories. Play warm music throughout your new home to keep the festive mood of the holiday season. Let your guests know that you moved on the holidays, so they will see boxes around the home that have not yet been unpacked. End your Thanksgiving season with a great Thanksgiving movie that will keep your family and friends laughing out the door. Pass the word about the great job done by your NJ movers.