South Carolina, also known as Palmetto state, is the home of palm trees, cherishing beaches, historically and naturally rich travel locations. Apart from being a great tourist spot, South Carolina has a lot more to offer to its settlers and this why the number is increasing rapidly every year.

The state South Carolina falls among one of the early 13 states to form a Union. South Carolina also enjoys the credit of hosting British settlers long back when America was found. Known for its beautiful locations, landscape and low living cost, South Carolina has become a favorite place for movers over the past couple of years.

Best Places to Live In South Carolina:

South Carolina is a state filled with beautiful towns and suburbs. The population of SC is increasing with every year with new settlers coming over from all states of US. However, the mesmerizing and vast landscape and couple of beautiful towns have got plenty of space for new movers in the state. Let’s have a look at what are the famous and best places to live in South Carolina:


Being the oldest town in South Carolina, Charleston enjoys a friendly environment rich with modern and historical architecture. The city has got some beautiful beaches, modern life, night life and extraordinary landscape to offer you a peaceful living among a friendly population. If you are looking for a place rich with city life as well as having all the perks of beach life then Charleston is the best place to move in.

This city has got some beautiful beaches in the suburbs of main town and allows you to spend your easy time with nature. Apart from beaches, Charleston has to offer a great variety of cuisine and dine out facilities. The food is amazing and it has been ranked among 13 best food cities throughout the US.

The cost of living is normal as compared to other big cities of US and you can easily find a well-maintained house for 300,000 to 400,000 USD. If you are looking forward to move into Charleston then you can check our top sites to live in Charleston below.

North Charleston

Located in the North of Charleston, this city has got a lot for young people who love to party. From shopping spots to clubs North Charleston is the home to every entertainment you might be looking forward to. Famous among young families and youth, North Charleston is full of energy, lights, shopping hubs and family life. The average cost of a house in this city is a far less than Charleston and you can easily get a place in $200K.


Loaded with greenery and parks, Green Ville is the house of calmness, nature and peace. With plenty of culture, melting natural beauty and array of coffee shops and restaurants in the downtown make Green Ville a perfect place to live in. House costs are low as compared to Charleston and you can get a home from our range of top locations for just $260K.

Other best locations to move in South Carolina include James Island, Columbia, Mount Pleasant and Rock Hill.


The South Carolina is famous for its sunny summers with temperature rising up to 95 Degree Fahrenheit in summers. If you are looking for sun baths and relaxing days at beaches then South Carolina has to offer a lot. In winters, temperature goes down to 55 Degree Fahrenheit making it a pleasant place to live in. If you hate winters, then SC is the best place to enjoy winters with a cool breeze touching your skin but not bones.

How Is the Job Market In South Carolina?

Low in population and rich in industries, SC has to offer a range of jobs for new comers in the state. With Aerospace, Automobile and medical industry being top employers in the state, SC has got plenty of job opportunities for people moving to this state.

The Aerospace Industry of SC is ruled by Boeing that has shifted its operations to South Carolina to manufacture the famous 787 Dreamliner. Other than Boeing, there are around 100 aerospace companies operating in the state to offer you new jobs.

The automobile industry is also growing at a rapid pace with SC housing more than 250 automotive companies with their operations spread throughout the states. So, if you are looking for a job in automotive field then SC could be the best place to find a job and move to.

Travel industry in SC has always been at boom especially in summers when whole of America moves to SC to enjoy the summers at beaches. There are plenty of tourism companies working in SC and you can easily find a job.

Real Estate Market of South Carolina

When moving to South Carolina, the first question often comes to travelers mind is that what would be the cost of renting or buying a house there. The cost of living is not that higher as compared to other big cities of US. The average cost of a home in SC is at around $166000 which is quite lower than other cities of the states. However, cities like Charleston County are considered to be most expensive areas in SC with home prices as high as $360000.

If we count on the whole, the average prices of homes are still low and we consider it the best time to move to South Carolina as experts are predicting rise in prices of real estate by every year. There are many good realtors in South Carolina, make sure do you you homework and check it out. 

How Much Does It Cost to Live In South Carolina?

The cost of living in South Carolina varies from city to city but overall, it’s low if it is compared to the national average living cost. Since summers are quite hot in the SC state, utility bills are always on the higher side as compared to the national average. Other than utilities, the groceries and fuel or transportation cost is quite low in average as compared to national average.

The groceries are cheaper and fuel prices are around $3.20 per gallon as compared to the $3.90 in different parts of the United States. Similarly, Health cost is also lower in SC and often falls in similar category as of national level.

Sales tax is another thing to consider while moving to South Carolina. It is fixed at 6% and is not that higher than the national average. So overall, one can say that South Carolina is an affordable place to settle in.

Is South Carolina a Good Place to Retire?

With Florida being the biggest attraction to retiring people, South Carolina was always under looked by people over 60’s. However, with the rising population and increased taxes, retired people now prefer South Carolina than Florida and around 8500 senior people move to SC every year.

South Carolina offers great tax cuts to retired people by offering absolutely zero tax on social security retirement benefits. The banks also provide very little tax cut on pension and retirement incomes. Apart from low tax rates, South Carolina has a lot to offer to retired people.

With a peaceful life, cherishing beach life, peaceful suburbs, low living cost and friendly environment, SC has become a heaven for aged movers.

What Are the People and Culture Like In South Carolina?

If you are moving from a large or over populated state to SC then you are going to love it. With a peaceful life, friendly environment, less noise, perks of being close to nature; South Carolina has lots of cultural and social treats to offer.

Local people are extremely friendly and welcoming to new movers. It is quite common to start a conversation at grocery store, meet new people around and spend quality time in a friendly environment at some coffee shop. People are super friendly and easy to go with strangers and always helping them to settle into this Palmetto state. 

In our office, hanging on the wall is a painting  by Jim Victor  - a long time friend and a great abstract painter living in Mount Pleasant SC. 

Entertainment spots in South Carolina

South Carolina is the home of fun, entertainment, work and peaceful living. With a smaller number of populations as compare to other states in the US, SC offers a great deal of entertainment for every age group. Ranging from beautiful beaches to exotic nightlife, array of coffee shops to shopping spots and eateries SC is best to spend the rest of your life.

Top places to explore In South Carolina

South Carolina is full of life, rich in culture and natural beauty and has a lot to offer to new comers. From exploring natural spots to historical buildings and cultural activities, the beauty of living in SC is amazing. Below are the few famous places to explore when you move into South Carolina:









The Pros and Cons of Living In South Carolina

South Carolina is a state that offers lots of pros to live in that include tax cuts, night life, southern hospitality, beautiful beaches, history, low crime rates as well as fairly low living cost. However, there are some drawbacks or cons of living here are also present that include hurricanes, flooding and mosquitos.