Top 10 questions about moving during COVID

Planning a successful move can be difficult under normal circumstances, but now with the added stress of a global pandemic our customers have far more questions that need answers than ever before.

To help them we ask the team at Harrington movers to answer 10 common questions their customers have been asking. You should want these answered to enable you to make the safest move and eliminate misinformation. Harrington Movers has performed over 500 successful moves with no issues to our men since the beginning of the Covid-19 Virus. We have been lucky and also strict with our PPE and Personal Protective Procedures. All employees’ temperatures are checked on arrival to work. All employees have masks and we supply them daily. All doors, walls, floors, alarm panels, light switches and anything that can be touched is sprayed anytime anyone has been in contact with it. The building is cleaned five to six times a day. We run ozone machines thru out different areas in the evenings. All our vehicles are sprayed completely every day before going out. All incoming deliveries including mail are sprayed and sit for 3 days before opening, so email us :)

Question One: Should I even consider moving during COVID-19?

This is obviously an important question you need answered, while it is certainly possible to safely move right now it doesn't always mean that it's in your best interest or in the interest of the public at large. Thankfully the CDC have laid out seven clear questions to ask before you consider making a move.

  • Is anyone you will come into contact with or in your direct household at risk should they contract COVID-19?
  • Is the area you're moving to of higher risk, are covid-19 cases increasing or are they already high there?
  • Are there any restrictions or special requirements in place at your destination or your home for traveling or moving?
  • In the 14 days prior to your move will you be in close contact with anyone outside of your household?
  • How do you plan to travel to your new home during your move? Air, train or road and will you be able to follow social distancing guidelines?
  • During your move will you be in close contact with anyone not of your direct household?

These questions are important, if you answer yes, then moving is something you need to think about carefully, plan in advance and only do so with the help of the right moving company. Don’t be shy to ask them what they are doing in taking preventive measures to protect their employee and clients. Ask for video, check out their social media postings. Many New Jersey moving companies talk a good game, but leave you disappointed in the end.

Question Two: Is Leaving NJ for a Move During the Pandemic Even Possible?

Leaving NJ is possible during covid-19. Before arranging any move you should contact the local government at your destination as well as checking with the moving company to ensure no new restrictions have been put in place that may affect your move. Your realtor can also be a great resource in directing you towards the right information.

Question Three: Are there any questions I should ask prior to my move?

Obviously before any move there are many questions you'll want answered but here are some pandemic specific questions you're moving company should be happy to answer.

  • Are your movers and trucks fully equipped with PPE including gloves, masks and sanitizers?
  • Can you give me a detailed breakdown of your covid-19 moving plans to ensure both safety of your crew and customers?
  • What is your plan to keep your trucks fully sanitized including any high-touch surfaces?
  • If I need my home packed can you do this without coming into contact with my family?
  • Do you have a dedicated rescheduling and cancellation policy during COVID?

Question four: Are there steps I should take to help accommodate my movers?

Yes here are some steps you can take to make the move safer for both the moving crew and your family

  • Ensure everyone is masks
  • Stock up on soap cleaners and disinfecting wipes ensuring that the crew can safely wash their hands for during and after the move.
  • Make sure that any high touch surfaces are kept clean.
  • Open all the windows in your home to ensure as much air is circulating as possible.
  • Designate on bathroom for the over to utilize.

Questions Five: What is your cancellation policy?

Before hiring movers should always inquire about their cancellation policy. In most cases these bookings are non-binding allowing you to cancel at any point without a penalty. However if you paid a deposit in advance some reliable movers will not refund this. Make sure you clarify before arranging a family move what the moving companies cancellation policy is. Will they fully refund your deposit or even provide credit towards a future move.

Question Six: I've never been fully comfortable with other people touching my stuff. Are there any best practices for COVID-19 I can follow?

When moving without the help of reliable movers you're left with three options

Move on your own using your own vehicle

If you choose to move yourself you don't have to worry about other people packing or touching yourself and you will have less strict guidelines to follow. However you're going to have to do all the heavy packing and lifting yourself as well as unload all your items when your average destination

Your second option is to rent a truck

If you don't have the vehicle needed or you can't borrow one you can choose to rent a truck. This might be the perfect solution for someone who doesn't want others touching their stuff. However, despite the fact that it may come with some cost saving benefits, but you will be left with the same issues listed above

The Third option would be to rent a Mobile Storage Unit (MSU)

These are a great solution. Harrington Movers has 16 foot MSU available. We will drop them off. Load at your own pace. When your ready call us and we will transfer the Mobile Storage Unit to your new New Jersey Home, with no contact!

If you need temporary storage after or during the transition, then renting a moving container could be the perfect solution. Instead of moving yourself by hiring a truck this storage unit can prove very helpful during the whole moving process. They usually come in stainless steel and can be safely be left outdoors for a long time.

Question seven: What should my movers do to ensure their safety and ours after the move?

On top of following all the key guidelines listed previously your movers should always maks and ensure that their trucks' hotspots remain disinfected. It includes seat belts, seats, door handles, keys and steering wheel. As well as any buttons on the dashboard, touch screens, consoles gear shifter or even selector. Once you movers remain as vigilant as possible any danger of contracting covid-19 during a move as much lower.

Question eight: How can I ensure my stuff doesn't get contaminated?

This is probably the most important question you can ask when planning a family move during COVID. To do this safely it involved an extra element of planning. Ensuring that every item in every box is fully disinfected may seem like an impossible task. But the easiest way to do this safely is to move on your belongings first and then plan your family move later up to three to four days after your stuff. I know not very practical, but a great time for a vacation.

Very important have the new home Sanitized before you move in! Harrington Movers can help with this.

According to an article published in the journal of medicine from New England they believe the covid-19 virus can stay stable on surfaces including the steel and plastic for up to 72 hours. So to ensure that your belongings are COVID free after a move is for you to wait 4 days before you move to your property.

In some cases this may not be possible so if you have to move at the same time as you move your belongings. We advise that you pack some essentials boxes; these are what you'll need for the first 4 days in your new home. Everything else can be clearly labeled and left to one side. If you wait four days before opening the other boxes you won't have to worry about any infection.

Our experts advise packing five special boxes.

In box number one is for your kitchen you should include paper towels snacks plastic cups water and a disinfectant spray

The second box is for your bathroom including deodorant toothpaste towels, the shower liner curtain, some toilet paper wet wipes, conditioner shampoo body wash and soap etc.

Box number three is for the bedroom including any bed clothes electronics chargers pillows blankets sheets etc

Rise and Shine box number four should include clothing or any additional extras such as coffee for the next morning.

Box Number Five your Personal Protection Box. your masks, gloves, wipes...

Question Nine: How to approach cleaning my new home?

It's vital that any new property you're moving into has been completely sanitized and deep cleaned before you get there the CDC has set out clear guidelines on how to do this

The first thing you need is a complete list of disinfectants that the EPA has approved as being able to kill covid-19. Do not purchase any product that isn't clearly labeled with an EPA registration number. You don't have to buy big brand items once they have this number then they're a recognized covid-19 safe product

Keep high quality disinfectant wipes nearby to wipe down any high touch areas

High quality disinfectant sprays should be used to clean areas that can be wiped for example you can spray your mattress and couches with Lysol. There are many non-aerosol we prefer to use. You can find yourself short of breath using these aerosol sprays

Check the CDC guidelines for creating bleach mixtures to clean any hardwood or tiled surfaces. Never mix bleach with other chemicals as this can be deadly.

Make sure you regularly disinfect your high touch items such as car keys, wallet, credit cards, TV remotes, smartphones, electronics, such as computers and especially keyboards as these can get pretty disgusting

Questions Ten: Is it safe to let installers into my home during a pandemic?

A key part of moving for many people is the purchase of new equipment during the process, such as appliances, TVs etc. Many internet providers and electronics centers now provide full guidelines to help you self-install any new equipment in your home. If you are somewhat tech savvy we recommend that you take this approach.

If not, you may want to have to allow installers into your home. Ensure that they will come fully prepared, wearing gloves and protective equipment, wipe down every surface they touch after they leave. Remember, if you're not comfortable don't allow them in!

These are just 10 of many different questions you should ask with regard to best practices for covid-19, especially when you're hiring New Jersey movers. Especially as you are looking for reliable movers for a family move that might even involve leaving New Jersey.