The hidden costs of moving should be taken into account as you prepare to transition to a new neighborhood. If you don't weigh these hidden costs carefully before you move, you could experience unexpected stress and pressure due to lots of demands on your wallet. These hidden costs should be considered in addition to the basic cost of hiring a moving company.

Moving offers the chance to live in a way that is more aligned with your values and goals. With foresight, you can ensure that every step of the relocation process is smooth and manageable. Full-service moving companies in New Jersey will do Virtual surveys and offer cost estimates that help you to plan properly for this step. Harrington Movers even has state of the art software in which you can click on the items you would like moved and receive a quote immediately.

Get Tips From Your Movers

As of  February 1999 all NJ Moving Companies must obtain an operating intrastate license from the DCA. there are three licenses; PW, PM and PC. these are then followed but a unique set of numbers to identify that company's license. the PM  license is for moving only as where the PC is a combination license permitting both moving and storage. PW is a license for warehousing only. A NJ licensed mover is a valuable resource when it comes to assessing the real cost of moving. They can ensure that you stay informed about every aspect of the process. If you need help check out this article on 8 things to look for when hiring a mover. Talk to reputable movers who you can trust to give you the facts on the following expenses:

Packing labor

Packing supplies


Elevator Fees or Flight Charges

Valuation Coverage (what is Valuation?)

Long Term/ Short Term Storage (3 things to consider when choosing storage)

Packing Supplies and Labor

If you don't pack your home's contents, you'll need help to do it. You will be charged for labor and for the packing materials that are used to ensure that your glass vases and other delicate items stay undamaged. A NJ licensed mover may include packing materials in the cost of their moving service, so you should ask how costing is done. Many moving companies will have set rates for the different size boxes they might pack, these rates include labor and materials helping you control costs. Ensure that the number of boxes and type of materials required are reasonable and you are not receiving a low ball estimate.

Moving Insurance (Moving Companies do not sell Insurance)

Moving insurance is one aspect of moving that is usually covered and that most people don't even think about. Once the documents related to your move are signed, you'll usually get basic coverage. This is known as Basic Limited Liability protection. As the name suggests, this is basic and does not cover a whole lot of events that can take place.

It limits the amount of protection that you receive from a NJ licensed mover if something happens to expensive items. If you are trainspotting a lot of pricey gadgets, antiques and such, you may want to consider getting extended coverage, just in case something happens. Take that extra step to protect your great grandmother's hand carved kitchen table. You may also find your home owners policy offers you coverage.

Full value protection is a better option for people who are transporting their 4K television, clocks from ancestors in their family and other expensive items. If something happens, you'll be able to replace these items with the payment that is made under this type of insurance plan. The moving company will reimburse you with the full value of your property it is is damaged or lost.

Elevator Fees or Flight Charges

If movers have to keep traveling up and down several flights of stairs with your furniture, they are likely to charge you. Sometimes you may not have planned for that to happen, but the elevator on your building may be out of order when they arrive. Talk to your moving company about the charges that would be applied in that type of situation.

Trying to move with all the items that you've accumulated throughout the years can be emotionally exhausting. Sometimes you don't know how to let go of furniture that you've become emotionally attached to over the years. A NJ moving company can help you to make that transition easily. They will explain all the costs associated with moving heirlooms so that you can budget for them and not leave any special furniture behind.

Heavy Furniture

There are several costs which will come into play if you have to move a lot of heavy furniture. If you are just moving with relatively lightweight pieces, you won't have to budget for these costs. Contact a NJ moving company before you move and let them know what the contents of your home are like,so they can tell you in advance whether some of the following fees will be applied.

Some hidden costs of moving furniture include:

Fees for disassembling furniture

Fees for assembling furniture

Extra charges for handling large, bulky items

You may have heavy furniture in your home that you aren't even aware will need to be disassembled prior to the move. After you arrive at your new home, all of those items will need to be reassembled. This will be done at a cost and you'll be charged according to the number of items that must be moved via this process.

It's usually best if movers can do an assessment of your furniture before giving you an estimate. By looking at the furniture, they will know whether they can move them as they are or will need to disassemble them for convenience and to prevent damage. usually, heavy items such as wardrobes and beds may need to be moved in this way.

Some people own pool tables, pianos and other items that are really bulky. These will sometimes attract an additional charge. If you own any of these items or have a hot tub, you can plan for extra charges. The same applies to heavy metal safes or any musical instrument that's so large that a crane may be required to move it. If any of these bulky items are located upstairs, you'll be charged for that as well.

Extra Convenience

There are some services which are offered by movers in New jersey that make life easier. Ask a NJ moving company about sending your furniture and other items via express delivery. If you are moving to a new location that is some distance away, this fee will come into play if you want to get your goods more quickly.

Sometimes you may want to give a fridge or a table to someone along the route. This can be done but you will need to ask your movers about the cost associated with it. A NJ moving company will usually charge for each extra stop or extra pick up.

It may seem like a common practice for a NJ moving company to dispose of packing materials after a move but that is not always the case. Some will charge you for taking care of used packing materials in a safe way. You should ask about that before you hire them, so you don't receive any unexpected charges on your bill.

Anticipate Delays

As you move from one area to another after a real estate closing, you can experience unexpected delays. You may find that repairs have to be done or something else happens that prevents you from moving all of your goods as quickly as you hope. This emergency can be handled with the help of a moving company but it may attract a fee. Talk to your movers about that.

These are costs related to unexpected events which you can talk to a NJ moving company about:

Long carry fees

Move cancellation fees

Storage fees or delayed delivery fees

Long Carry Fees

You may have planned for the moving truck to park near to the entry to your home but something unexpected may happen which forces them to park some distance away. If they have to walk a long distance from your home to the moving truck, you may be charged a long carry fee. In some areas, you can reserve a parking spot for the day in order to eliminate the possibility of that event occurring.

Storage Fees

Storage fees or delayed delivery fees may be charged f you ask the moving company to keep your gods for a specific time. Your items will usually be kept at a warehouse that the moving company owns. in this case, you can have your goods sent to you as soon as renovations at your new home are complete. The fee is charged based on the length of time that your goods are in storage.

Move Cancellation Fees

Move cancellation fees are usually only charged if you cancel suddenly on the moving company. If you give adequate notice, such as a week or more, you usually won't have this fee applied. it is important to talk to your moving company about the minimum amount of time required for adequate notice.

if you have an emergency, for example your work suddenly calls you away, it is sometimes cheaper to make other arrangements so that the move can continue as you hoped after a real estate closing. Perhaps a friend can oversee the process where necessary. All of these fees should be included in the cost estimate before you make your decision about which moving company you will choose.


The hidden costs of moving can be explained to you by an experienced mover. A NJ moving company can provide you with information that allows you to feel prepared for the process. Make sure you understand as much as possible about all the fees that you could be charged, before you move. You should also keep extra cash on hand to tip your movers, since moving crews will sometimes expect this and you may even want to show extra appreciation for thoughtful, careful work