Proper hygiene in your home is not something to take for granted anymore. For the safety of your family, it is vital that you keep your house and surfaces clean. House cleaning can be quite a challenge and cumbersome without the right detergents and cleaning solution. The situation doesn't get any better amidst this pandemic.

Are you looking to make your house cleaning easy and cost-effective? Worry not, for this article will provide you with home remedies that you can efficiently work with. These are products that you can easily find at any store.


Vinegar is the ideal product to use when you are trying to avoid toxic and abrasive chemicals contained in commercial cleaning products.

White vinegar can be utilized for various cleaning activities in the home.

It is effective when you want to get rid of heavy soap scum, tough stains and mineral deposits in water heaters.


·Pour white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle

·Spray the vinegar solution onto the spot or affected area

·Scrub with a brush/Sponge

·Rinse with water

When you are cleaning your toilet, pour undiluted vinegar straight to the bowl. This acts both as a disinfectant and detergent.

2.Making Liquid Cleaners


·Distilled White Vinegar Or Apple Cider Vinegar


·Spray Bottle


· Put Equal measures of vinegar and water in a spray bottle

·  Attach the nozzle

· Shake well to form a mixture


You can use the mixture on and surface in your home. Spray it on kitchen and bathroom counter-tops, toilet surfaces or any other smooth surface. Let it sit for a few minutes then wipe with a paper towel or clean sponge.

This is an ideal mixture that can help get rid of dirt, scum and tough stains.

When you are finding it hard to eliminate carpet stains, you can use a teaspoon of dish soap onto the spray bottle containing the mixture. Ensure that it soaks for a 2-3 minutes then gently apply it on the stained spot with a sponge.

3.Making Glass Cleaner

Cleaning glass can be quite a challenge. Utilize the remedy below to effectively clean and achieve your expectations.


·Rubbing Alcohol

·White Vinegar



·Measure 240 ml (a cup of water)

·Measure 240 ml rubbing alcohol

·A tablespoon of white vinegar

·Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well

·Spray the mixture onto glass or ceramic tiles

·Let it sit for a few minutes then wipe with a towel

Note that you can increase the number of measurements of your ingredients to create the amount of glass cleaner you will require. Ensure you stick to the ratios provided to get the ideal mixture.

The advantage of using alcohol in this formula is that it prevents streaking.

With this mixture at home, you don't need to purchase an antibacterial spray cleaner for it is effective with killing germs.

4.Vinegar Scrubs and Pastes

This is the ideal home cleaning remedy to getting rid of carpet and tough fabric stains.






·Mix equal amounts of table salt and borax in a bowl (Ratio of 1:1)

·Mix them until a paste forms

·Smear the paste on the stained area

·Let the paste sit for several minutes

·Wipe with a clean towel

·Rinse with water

Borax works the same as baking soda but much stronger. It, therefore, acts as a natural bleach that is ideal for getting rid of dirt or stains.

You should be careful when handling borax since they can be irritating to your skin, eyes and even breathing.

5.Furniture Polish



·Olive Oil


·Put equal amounts of white vinegar and olive oil in a bowl

·Mix them well

·Dump a soft cloth with the mixture

·Apply it on the wooden surface

·Rub it slowly on the surface in circular motions.

It is recommended that you first apply the mixture on a small surface to ensure there is no negative reaction.

To get rid of the excess mixture from the surface, use a clean cloth.

This is your ideal remedy for eliminating rings and stains left by beverage glasses.

Are you thinking about polishing your dresser, coffee table or desks? This is a home-made solution for you.

This mixture also works best in removing smudges from stainless steel.

6. Microwave and Oven Cleaning Solution

Having trouble getting rid of the odor and splattered food from your oven or microwave? Utilize a little amount of vinegar and get your microwave all fresh.

You need to mix an equal amount of water and white vinegar and place it in your oven or microwave.

Heat the mixture to boiling and let it cool before opening the oven or microwave door.

The other option for this challenge I the use of baking soda and lemon juice.

Take up to six tablespoons of baking soda, half a cup of lemon juice and a cup of water. Microwave the mixture until it boils and leave it inside until it cools before opening the door.

The point here is that the steam will loosen the grime and make it easy to wipe.

7.Surface Disinfectant

Disinfecting surfaces in your home is a vital routine to ensure that your home is clean and germ-free. Disinfectants can, however, be expensive for you and unavailable, especially at this epidemic period. This, however, doesn't mean your home will not be cleaned. With the availability of home-made remedies, you can keep your home safe and save a significant amount. Here is a simple way of making disinfectants at home.


·Lemon juice

·White vinegar

·Spray bottle


·Measure the same amounts of lemon juice and vinegar

·Add water into the mixture of lemon juice and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1

·Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

·Apply the solution on the surfaces you want to disinfect

You should get to know that this is the ideal way to sanitize.

8.Solution To Unclog A Drain

Drains, especially the kitchen ones, do have a tendency of clogging. This is an issue that could cause discomfort and even difficulty while doing the dishes. In the event of such, you do not need to hire a plumber. Use the simple home remedy provided here first.


·Baking Soda


·Hot Water


·Pour 125 g of baking soda down the drain (Half a cup)

·Pour the same amount of vinegar subsequently

·Cover the drain for a few minutes for the chemical reaction to dissolve the grease

·Once the fizzing has stopped, flush hot water.

A combination of vinegar's acidic properties and the abrasive nature of baking soda makes an ideal remedy to unclog drains.

It is, however, not recommended for someone that has used commercial drain cleaner for it could react with vinegar to create harmful fumes.

Baking soda is also vital in getting rid of odors. It is thus effective with litter boxes, garbage cans and diaper pails.

9. All-Purpose Cleaner

You only need vinegar, baking soda or borax depending on the solution you need and water.


·Measure half a cup of vinegar

·A quarter cup of baking soda for mild cleaning

·Four cups of water

·Mix the ingredients together to form a solution

·When you are thinking of a stronger solution, use two tablespoons of borax instead of baking soda.

·To have a fresh scent, you could add a few drops of essential oil to your solution.

10.Kitchen Sanitizer

When you are cleaning your kitchen surfaces, it is essential that you eliminate harmful germs. Soap and water will clean the dirt but not get rid of all the germs. This is why you will need a sanitizer to disinfect. In the event that you are not in a position to purchase a kitchen sanitizer, you could give yours home-made using available products.


·Hot Vinegar/ Hydrogen Peroxide


·Heat half a cup of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to 150F

·Pour the mixture into a spray bottle

·Spray the solution onto the kitchen surfaces

·Let it sit for one to two minutes

·Wipe dry using a clean towel

The second option for a kitchen sanitizer will include the use of vinegar, club soda and tea tree oil.

Take one cup of vinegar, a cup of club soda and two drops of tea tree oil and mix them well in a spray bottle. You then spray it onto the surfaces and wipe it.

You should, however, note that this method is effective and works well when made fresh and used immediately.

Other Home Cleaning Remedies

Having a hard time dealing with garbage smell or any other odor in the home? Make use of ice lemon or orange juice. The ice is effective to sharpen the blade, the citrus in the lemon or orange gives it a fresh scent.

Are you tired of having a toilet that is stained due to lack of proper cleaning products? Put the vinegar and baking soda/borax in your home to get that sparkle you have always wanted. Get a mixture of the ingredients and use it to scrub your toilet.


For your ideal home-made cleaning remedies, there are some essential products that you need to have. This being vinegar, baking soda or borax, citrus fruit and spray bottles. Home-made remedies do come in handy when you cannot access commercial products in the market and also a cost-effective way to have a clean home. Need Cleaning Click here