Whether you're a residential or commercial customer, your belongings may not always fit into an easy box, literally or metaphorically speaking. Moving is not all about couches and boxes. You might have many things that require special care, antiques, collectible items, equipment for work or a hobby, etc. How will that complicate your move? Read this blog post to find out.

How Hard is Moving Odd Items?

There are three main aspects of the move to consider when moving odd items.

Removing From One Location and Placing in Another

Is the item secured or wired in such a way that will require tools or experience or requirements that you don't possess? You may need to hire help to remove the odd item. You should also make sure that the new location has sufficient space, wiring, temperature requirements, etc. to accommodate the odd item.

Scheduling help for the old and new home will need to be worked into your other moving arrangements. When you look for a mover online they are everywhere, free boxes, free storage, pictures on their websites of trucks they don't even have.  You will sort the men from the boys as soon as you ask them if they can hoist your bar to the second floor of your new home. can they handle moving your safe or grand piano. I always found this funny, yes we are a moving company but we just don't move heavy items?

The companies that do handle these items are the one that can will be able to handle your move with the most professional service. They will have a do not say no to the client attitude


Some large items may not need to be packed. They can simply be pad wrapped and carried out for transport.

Breakable items need to be well protected by double wall boxing and not leaving gaps in the material you use to cushion the boxes. This will protect the item from bumps and falls as well as to prevent movement inside the box. Ensure the boxes are strong enough to hold the weight of item to make sure it doesn't fall out of the box. Use double and triple wall boxes. Very qualified moving companies will actually have the capability of building a wood crate for these special items you may have. You will be making a sound decision by hiring a moving company that can make wooden crates as opposed to a company that  needs to hire a third party to perform this service for them. First off the liability will be with the moving company that crated this items. When a third party is involved and your expensive items are damaged, both the crating company and the mover will be denying the liability. The second reason is this shows the level of company you have chosen, they have competent employees that can be trained to service the needs of you the client.  Moving is stressful and again it's that "do not say no" attitude you want from the service provider.

If you have tall or wide items that don't fit in a regular box, you can search online with uline.com or your mover can often "create" a custom box to fit the object. Tall items that don't allow the box too close can be telescoped simply by sliding another box on top and taping the boxes together as one.

Professional Movers

Moving odd items is one of the many great reasons to hire a professional mover. Someone with experience will likely have moved many odd items and know how to protect just about anything. Funny enough these companies normally carry a family name as opposed to a tag line.

Guarantee that you're dealing with a professional mover who can safely move your odd items by researching professional movers who have been in business a long time, cater to a wide range of customers, and actually tell you they have experience with life's complex belongings. An example is how we at Harrington Movers took photos of ourselves moving antiques to prove to customers how we care for their treasures. Whether those treasures are valued monetarily or sentimentally.

Before packing, you should take advantage of your professional mover's experience and ask them for expert guidance on packing your odd items.