So, you were in the middle of a move when the news of the corona virus pandemic broke? You're surely wondering what to do now. Well, first, don't feel alone. Many people have found themselves in this position. And, if you have to move, professional movers will be available to help you. But how do you decide whether to reschedule your move?

Should I Reschedule My Move During the Corona virus Pandemic?

The simple answer is: if you can, you should.

Interacting with movers, putting stress on your household, traveling, interacting with people while traveling, buying necessary gas, food, and materials for moving, and going to a new location are risks that are best avoided if possible.

The harder part is determining whether you can.

The professional mover, if you already have one scheduled, is the least of your concerns. They should be willing to allow you to reschedule without hassle or cost during this time.

Does your lease or closing legal document include a date, such as the buyer possession date, when you are legally obligated to be moved out? If so, try to contact the appropriate authority to see if that can be changed. If the problem is largely the buyer or seller's needs, the good news is that they will hopefully not have to move now either.

What are your lodging arrangements for the period between when you move out and when you move in? Can be they rescheduled or cancelled? Do you have an alternative place you can stay?

Extending the time

Mobile storage allows you to pack all of your belongings in a storage container that is left on your property, and then have that container hauled to the storage facility where it will remain untouched until you need it. This will get you out of your home to meet a buyer possession date even if you have to stay in your lodging longer.

Do check with the mover or storage company to see how long they allow you to use the storage container before committing to them.

Safety while moving

If you do have to move during this scary time, rest assured that movers like Harrington Movers are doing everything they can to keep their staff and their customers safe. Proper hand washing, masks, gloves, sanitation protocols, virtual quotes, mobile storage, and more help us protect everyone we deal with.

So, eliminate risks by avoiding the move if at all possible. But if you have to move, know that every step is being taken to keep you safe.