Most of us are in self-isolation right now, trying to stay safe and do the right thing by others during the coronavirus pandemic. But it's tough. It's not surprising if we're a combination of bored, depressed, and stir-crazy. The problem is compounded if you are dissatisfied with your home. Now, you have all this time to be cooped up dealing with everything you don't like about the home while trying not to be overwhelmed by the stress of everything else. You may not be able to move right now, unless it's a necessity, but this is an excellent time to plan for your next move.

Make Self-isolation Productive: Prepare for Your Next Move

You've likely got a lot more time on your hands now that you're practicing self-isolation.

Determine your priorities

You're probably very well aware, if you weren't already, of what you'd like to put behind you about your current home. Maybe it's too small, too dark, not in the best repair, in a bad location, inconvenient for kids or pets, or too expensive.

Write everything down.

Then, consider what you want. A spa bathroom, an outdoor area, a larger backyard, a fenced backyard, a shorter commute, whatever.

Include the important features and the not important features that you want and don't want in your new home, but do mark somehow which ones are higher or lower priority. You might number them or color them to keep this straight. This will keep your mind organized.


Look for homes that match your criteria, giving particular weight to things on your list that you designated as top priority. The good news is that many real estate agents are offering virtual tours so you can still inquire about and see the home without breaking self-isolation.

If you want to move to another neighborhood in your town, you can drive around to see if it looks like a place you'll want to live and how easy it will be to get to everything.

If you are interested in moving to another town or state, research the town or state to see if you like it as much as you think you do. The only stage left after this is to visit, and you'll want to save that for another time. Make sure to check taxes, utility bills, unique laws and customs, and more. You may be surprised what you'll turn up that could help you rule out or fall in love with this new location.