We shared on our blog on March 23rd how we were protecting our customers and our staff from the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. But we have strengthened our response and want to let you know all we're doing so you can feel safe when trusting us with your move during this stressful time.

Harrington Movers' Response to COVID-19

Earlier this month, we began:

Improved Hand washing Practices

We instructed our staff on proper hand-washing techniques, including washing for 20 seconds and scrubbing under the nails. Our processes have been adapted to ensure hand-washing is completed and done thoroughly as often as needed.


We began using Jomax (Jomax Virus and Mold Killer) is a concentrate that you mix with water to rapidly and thoroughly control mold and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces in a single treatment.  Jomax is a  disinfectant, fungicide, virucide, bactericide, mildewcide and mildewstat all in one.

During the day we are also using Lysol and bleach to disinfect frequently touched surfaces inside and outside

Mats and other moving equipment have also been being disinfected. All deliveries including mail and all paperwork incoming are sprayed with disinfectant and left to sit 24 hours. No one is allowed in the facility beyond the front door with out Jeffrey Harrington presence.  The office staff is currently all working from home virtually via RemotePc and Ring Central. After anyone has left the facility, it  is sprayed down including door surfaces and knobs, walkways, floors, phones and desks that have been used, all paperwork, filing cabinets and contents,bathrooms, even the soaps pumps. Ozone machines are used on rooms in the evening staggered a few days apart, all done by Jeffrey Harrington himself, a world renown germaphobe :).

Quarantining trucks

We began waiting 72 hours between using each truck and storage container, in addition to bleaching them.

Ozone Machine

We are using an extra level of protection prior to our sanitizing methods. Ozone generators in the trucks and cabs where our men will be sitting. We then let these areas air out completely prior to our cleaning methods. Ozone will deodorize, disinfect, kill or remove dangerous or irritating airborne particles in this environment.

Updates to Our Coronavirus Pandemic Response

We have added the following policies for moving during the coronavirus pandemic.


We are also spraying down all deliveries that come to our facility from the mail to box deliveries with disinfectant, stopping another potential source of contamination to protect both our staff and customers.

Social distancing

We maintain 6 feet of distance and have suspended hand shaking to protect staff and customers. We are dispatching crews at separate staggered time to avoid large groupings.

Checking in

Before moving day, we check with the customer to make sure they are not sick, live in the home with someone who is sick, or are in contact with a sick person.

Let us use this time to remind you that if someone in your home is sick or particularly vulnerable, it is advisable for everyone to postpone your move if at all possible. We are flexible with moving dates at all times, and, of course, will work with you to help you move when it is safe.

If you must move now, we are doing everything possible to protect you and our staff. Feel free to discuss any concerns with us.

Monitoring staff

Employees who are sick do not report to work so we can prevent potential infection of staff and customers.

Our moving team also uses masks and gloves.

Continuing efforts

We will be staying informed so we can adjust our practices as needed to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible.