Even though we are threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, we may have no choice but to start a move or follow-through with a move. Thankfully, there are steps you and your movers can take to make moving during the coronavirus pandemic safer. We'll discuss one major step in this post: the virtual quote.

Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Virtual Quoter

During the typical move, you would ask the professional mover for a firm quote and they would visit your home to visually assess what they'll be dealing with.

This means at least one person will be coming into your home, potentially exposing your family or that person to the novel coronavirus.

Thankfully, this is a step that can be skipped for moving during the coronavirus pandemic, and any time.

The Virtual Quoter

Sometimes people do explain what will be moved over the phone, but it is very inefficient. Imagine trying to remember, and figure out how to explain, everything someone might need to know. It's also unnecessarily time-consuming.

The virtual quoter is an app for your cellphone. Anyone using iOS or Android phones can download it.

If you want to use it, here are the steps.

#1. Fill out the form.

We need this form to process who the video you'll be recording is for.

#2. Passcode

There is a brief login process where you will receive a passcode via email or text.

#3. Download the Virtual Quoter

Through email or text, you will receive information on how to download the Virtual Quoter.

#4. Record a video

Imagine you are the mover. Walk through the home while using the Virtual Quoter app to record a video. It will be just like one of our movers is walking through your home, though they are not actually present.

There is also an option to speak to a representative directly so you can record and communicate at the same time.

#5. Send and relax

Make sure to send the video, via the Virtual Quoter. Then, we will develop a moving plan based on the video with a firm quote, so you can know up-front what you'll be paying.

Things to Consider

Make sure you are providing an accurate representation of the items to be moved, covering all the rooms, staircases, and everything already visible in the room. You may need to film the inside of cabinets and drawers, so cover personal property you don't want seen.

Even if you are not speaking live to a representative, you can leave verbal instructions while recording your video.

If your mobile carrier charges for text messages, you will need to choose the email option or take the charges into consideration when using the Virtual Quoter.

You will need to have 9.16MB of space available on your phone to download the app.

Not a tech savoy person, don’t worry. We can also walk your thru live on Facetime!

Either way we have got you covered!