Life after moving into your new home will likely not be anywhere near like it normally would be now that we're all social distancing because of the novel coronavirus. Prioritize tasks to make unpacking, settling in, and social distancing as easy as possible. Make sure you have the new home cleaning professionally

Settling into Novel Coronavirus WFH Living in a New Home

Packing and Unpacking

If you haven't moved yet and are wondering how to pack, make sure any items you will need to work from home and homeschool your kids are easy to find. Put them in separate boxes, label the boxes, and possibly mark the cords so you know which devices they go with.

Also make sure any items you expect to want to use to make staying at home more enjoyable, your books, bar glasses, and kids' toys, are easy to get to. Make sure you schedule your cleaners ahead of time. you may even want them to clean again after your move is done! Harrington Cleaning can help with this.

When you've made it to the new home, unpack only the necessities and the things you packed for dealing with social distancing. This will save you time and headache, so you have more time, energy, and mental health to do what you need and want to do to be productive and happy.

Home office

The home office, whether an actual room, a corner, or the kitchen table, will be a bigger priority than it would normally be immediately after a move. Focus on getting everything set up so it is functional for everyone in the home. This requires all the devices being made ready, having room for them and a place to plug them in, and furniture to try to achieve correct computer posture. The correct posture is important for your physical health and your productivity.

Be patient

We don't mean to be a superhuman or a saint. You've just moved, and now you have to adjust to a new way of life amid the worry of a pandemic. Do the best you can to keep your spouse and your children healthy, happy, and productive during this trying time and don't be too hard on any of you for having difficulty adjusting. You can't expect to do anything perfectly right away or to be on best behavior when you're all stressed.

Maintain your routine

It will help everyone stay saner and be as successful with their efforts as possible if you try to keep your routine as much like it was as you can. Try to get everyone up at the usual times and work or study at the same times as you normally would. If you need to dress for "work", separate into different rooms, or put a barrier (such as a cardboard wall) between you and the rest of the people using the workspace, to stay focused, do it.

Occupy kids

Small kids are going to interfere with older kids and their parents trying to work. Give them things to play with that are reminiscent of what you're doing so they won't feel left out when you're "playing" with your devices as well as activities to do alone to keep them occupied for stretches of time. Don't forget to about recess and that it was the best part of school for most boys! get out there with your kids and play for 30 minutes, hopefully wear them out a bit for some peace and quiet.