If you're reading this post, you're probably in the process of moving, or have to move whether you want to or not, while the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is a growing problem. You may be worried about exposing your family to the disease when dealing with your professional movers. We at Harrington Movers want you to rest assured that measures are being taken to keep our workers and each family we serve as safe as possible. You can read about them below.

Novel Coronavirus Protection While Moving


Hand-washing is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of the disease. Since we learned about the novel coronavirus, a morning meeting at Harrington Movers included instructions on the proper way for movers to wash their hands, stressing the importance of doing it for more than 20 seconds and scrubbing under the nails. This limits the spread of germs from person to objects and person to person.


All of our movers are wearing gloves to prevent the spread of the disease.

Face masks

Face masks are being used by some of our movers to prevent them from getting sick and from giving germs to others. We feel the masks are also a reminder not to touch your face and that this virus is real. It is easy to forget untrained habits as you are performing difficult manual labor such as moving people’s lives across town or country.

Disinfecting surfaces

Moving pads and other items we use while moving are sanitized with Lysol to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. We're considering everything that gets touched, including keys, seat adjuster levers, and door handles.

The entire interior of the vehicle is also being cleaned with bleach.

Monitoring and Quarantining Trucks

We are currently waiting 72 hours before using trucks in our fleet. We are staying informed on the novel coronavirus to adapt to changing circumstances so we can keep our movers and our customers safe. All trucks are being sanitized after every move.

Managing stress

Please read our other blog posts on managing stress during your move. Moves are always stressful, unhappy and happy moves. You certainly don't need the added weight of COVID-19.

Protect yourself by taking as much time as you can to move so you don't become overwhelmed, following advice to make your move smoother, and engaging in self care to keep your mental health strong during this time when you have two stressors to contend with at once, a move and the novel coronavirus.


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Once a move is started, you need to go on with it, particularly when a safe time to change your moving date to is not in sight. Sometimes people have to move whether they want to or not. That is why we are continuing our moving services and making it as safe as possible, so you can take care of what you need to take care of without having added worry about COVID-19 and your move.