Winter moving is not the same as moving at other times of the year. It has unique advantages and disadvantages that you may want to know about to have the safest and least stressful move. Here are some tips for moving in the winter.

Scheduling a professional mover

It is actually easier to get the dates you want with a mover during the winter because we aren't as busy.

That being said, winter weather can also provide some difficulties. Call your mover a couple of days before the move to ensure everything can still go as planned.

Winterize your car

Your car is not likely to be in the forefront of your mind when you're moving, but you certainly don't want an accident or breakdown to occur during your move. Have it serviced, if it hasn't recently been done, and ensure your tires are suitable for snow and ice. Their quality and the amount of air in them are crucial. Harrington Movers recommends using wind shield flied that has De-Icer. Diesel fuel gels in cold temperatures because it contains paraffin wax. Paraffin wax would normally improve lubrication and viscosity. If the fuel has gelled you mover may not make it to you home. All winter long our tanks are treated to prevent gelling.

Prepare for delays

Allow extra driving and moving time in case the weather slows you down.

Plan what you'll do if the weather makes it so you can't move the day you intend to, where you'll stay, if the mover has any requirements, etc.

Fragile items are even more fragile

Cold weather makes things more likely to break, so take extra care when packing breakable items. Double cover them and be particularly mindful of filling boxes with paper padding.

Electronics should be packed into double/triple wall boxes. Before Plugging in give your televisions, computers and electronics plenty of time to get to room temperature if they are cold.

Dress appropriately

Cold muscles injure more easily. It may be tempting to dress less warmly because you think you'll be too active to need heavy clothing or you're overwhelmed by all the other things to consider, but you don't want to add an injury to your plate.

Make sure you also have boots that are appropriate for the weather to protect your feet from cold and prevent falls.

Bring extra gloves

One pair of gloves is not likely to stay warm and dry throughout the day, and running around and using your hands when they're cold is asking for trouble, not to mention discomfort. So, bring multiple pairs for each person to ensure they have plenty.

Protect flooring from snow and ice

Make sure your mover has the proper plan in protecting your new floors and carpet from the winter slushiness. At Harrington Movers we use Floor protection and well as Carpet Shield. Carpet shield can cover carpeted stairs as well. There should be one at each door of both homes. You don't want to ruin your floor making all those trips in and out of the house. Some time having more movers assigned to these types of jobs is the best solution. In New Jersey winter conditions Harrington Movers Likes to have an inside team and an outside team to minimize salt/mud and water coming into the new home during the move.

Tackle ice and snow on outdoor surfaces

It's something extra to think about on moving day, but removing snow and ice from walkways, steps, and porches of both homes is important to keep everyone safe. Remember you are responsible for people’s safety on your property. This is even more of a reason to be careful when selecting a mover.

This means you'll need to be prepared with salt, sand, snow shovels, or a snow blower.

Anticipate active precipitation

When moving in these rainy snowy conditions Harrington Movers uses plastic wrap to cover the pads so your items do not get wet.

Don't forget the snowplow

When planning all the many details of your move, make sure to include the snowplow schedule at the location of your new home. You'll either want to avoid those days or allow time to shovel out a space to get to your home.

Forget the heat?

Yes, it's winter, but you can't effectively heat the house when people are constantly going in and out. But it is really necessary to make working conditions a bit more tolerable. Temperatures will be very cold as the front door will be open.

Serve hot drinks and foods

Taking a little time to prepare easy but hot beverages or lunch will be a much-appreciated treat for everyone.

These tips for moving in the winter should make moving in winter much safer and easier, so you get the benefit of cheaper moving costs and flexibility of dates with undue headache.