Your boxes are ready to be packed and you want to hire a mover. There are so many choices that you don’t know where to begin! There are many different things to take into consideration when deciding which company you want to hire to be a part of this important moment in your life. After all, hiring a mover will help set the tone for the big step ahead. Here we break down the top 8 things to look for when hiring a mover to ensure you have the best move possible.

What to Look for in a Moving Company

  1. Trustworthiness and Reliability

It’s important to hire a moving company that is trustworthy and reliable. Talk with friends and family about their experiences with local moving companies and get a feel for what to look out for.

Research online and read reviews of movers in your area to find those with positive feedback. If many others have had a great experience with a moving company, you’re likely on the right track to finding a reliable mover.

You can also seek out references from trusted resources such as the BBB or New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, where businesses are evaluated based on their trustworthiness and dependability.

  1. Accurate Estimate

Moving is a big step, and sometimes a big chunk of change. You’re ready to make the investment into your future, but it’s important that your mover is honest with you about their moving rates, too. If a company gives you a low-ball estimate over the phone, that could be a red flag.

Sometimes movers will quote you a much lower price than what you’ll end up paying in the end, simply to get you in the door. Learn more about how to avoid a low-ball estimate here!

  1. Transparent Rates

Honesty and transparency are key to any professional relationship, and hiring movers is no different. Look for a moving company that provides accurate rates on their website, in their literature, or when you speak on the phone. Make sure that they do not require a large deposit up front before they have done any actual work.

Be aware of any hidden fees that you may incur throughout your moving process. Have a direct conversation with any potential moving company to be informed of unexpected charges such as stairs, large items, or antiques and delicate objects.

  1. Professionalism

Seek out a moving company that is professional and, more importantly, legitimate. Movers with verified credentials have been vetted and approved by a professional organization. For interstate moves check out the American Moving & Storage Association's Pro Movers . If you are moving locally in New Jersey, also know as an intrastate move, check out the very few movers that have attained the New Jersey Circle of Excellence from the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association.

A BBB-accredited moving company like Harrington Moving and Storage will be a professional, reputable, and honest business that can help you successfully complete your move.

  1. License and Insurance

Find a business that is licensed and insured. Requirements vary from state to state, but most states like New Jersey require a moving company to hold an official license. Any movers that are completing an interstate move (a move that starts in one state and ends in another) are required to hold a federal license.

You can check a company’s license on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) website. When you choose Harrington Movers, you can rest assured you’re working with a licensed moving company.

Some moving companies offer insurance in the form of what’s called valuation. Valuation functions similarly to insurance in that the moving company ensures you compensation in the event of any damage of loss. Be sure to check with your moving company first to see if valuation is available. While it’s not always necessary, you’ll feel better knowing your options to protect your belongings.

  1. Customization

No two moves are exactly the same. That’s why you need to look for a mover that offers customization to fit your unique needs. When choosing from different moving companies, look at the customized services offered to see what works best for you and your family. For example:

● Do you have large or delicate items?

● Are you moving short-distance or long-distance?

● Is your move out-of-state?

All of these are important options to consider and help determine if you require a mover with customization available.

  1. Experience

    For the best results in your move, look for an experienced moving company with a track record of success. A company that has been in business for a long time is likely to have many happy customers. Look at online reviews to find out more about their business practices, rates, and customer communication. Taking note of these items will help you determine if you’re choosing to work an experienced moving company or not.
  2. Full-Service Movers

Whether you’re moving your office or your family home, relocation requires a lot of effort. When you work with movers that provide a full-service operation, you can rest assured that all of the heavy lifting - literally - will be taken care of for you!

A full-service moving company will supply clean and efficient trucks and moving equipment, insured service, free no-obligation moving quotes, as well as packing and unpacking services. All of the work will be completed by trained, uniformed professionals who are dedicated to providing the utmost service and professionalism.

No matter if you’re moving near or far, be sure to look out for these 8 things when hiring a moving company.