If you declutter while moving, you'll have fewer things to pack and move as well as a more organized new home. Things you donate while decluttering your home may help others too! Read this post to learn how easy decluttering and throwing stuff away when moving can be.


You don't want to pick a room and start throwing everything you don't want to take with you into a pile or box you later have to sort. That's going to be frustrating and take up unnecessary time.

Designate three boxes for decluttering. One should be for donations, one for recycling, and one for throwing away. This way, you can quickly sort items into the right box and perform the appropriate action with the box when its full.

Be strict(er)

It is difficult to look at your items and not struggle to some extent with deciding which things to keep. You may not wear so and so outfit anymore or you may have saved something that was broken to fix it, and you stare at it wondering whether to keep it.

Consider how likely you really are to ever wear the outfit again or fix that broken fill-in-the-blank. If something is not a seasonal or sentimental item and you haven't used it in months, it is probably something you don't really need. And if you haven't fixed it yet, and aren't now 100% dedicated to doing so, it probably won't ever happen.

Sometimes we hold onto sentimental items, furniture, etc. because we think they are supposed to be important or that we have to. If you don't really cherish the item, enough that you want to carry it with you, see if someone else it is supposed to be important to actually wants it or discard it. You will be surprised when you learn that the people you were saving all this items for really don’t want them!

When downsizing

If you're downsizing, you'll need to be very mindful of which items you keep.

Rather than thinking of what to donate, recycle, or throw away, focus more on what you need or cherish and keeping only those things.

The more drastic the downsize, the more weight the needing and cherishing carry.

Research options

Sometimes we throw things away that could be recycled or donated.

Before hauling off any boxes, do a search on items you are unsure of, like electronics, to see if they aren't recyclable and how to recycle them in your area.

Also, while you're throwing stuff away when moving, don't include food that there is nothing wrong with just because you don't want to take it with you. It is quite possible, and actually encouraged, for you to donate food to your local food bank when you move. Harrington Movers will supply you with “Move for Hunger Boxes” and will take these off to the food bank after the move


If you have the time, you could sell some of the items you don't want anymore and make a little money, maybe even a lot of it. You might be surprised what you could get for your used movies and books, clothes you've barely worn, collectible toys, and more.

Clean sweep cleaning products and combustible or hazardous chemicals

You can't safely move cleaning products or combustible or potentially hazardous chemicals in your own vehicle and movers won't do it, so they all have to go. That solves any debate there! Just do some quick research to see how to safely dispose of your products. If you have a cleaning company they are usually glad to take them.

Envision the space

If you're into organizing, you can get really creative with this, but you don't have to be into organizing.

Consider where you'll put items in your new home.

Can you or do you want to make space for this piece of furniture, those toys, the remnants of old building projects, and other similar things?

Declutter checklist for moving

To help you while you're decluttering, jot down or print out this declutter checklist for moving with questions to help you decide what to do with your stuff.

What you don't need

·  Have you used it in the last few months?

·  Do you really see yourself repairing it?

·  Do you really love it that much, or do you just think you should?

·  Where will it go in your new home?

·  Is it too big for the home?