As your relatives get older, it can become necessary to place them in an assisted care facility or senior living community to ensure that they are staying safe and getting the care and attention that they need. Many seniors need assistance in their lives on a regular or full-time basis, and can benefit from having 24/7, on-call care for help bathing, cooking, and many other daily tasks.

While it might seem like an easy transition to make, moving senior citizens can be a stressful and emotional process. By hiring the experienced senior movers at Harrington Moving & Storage, you can worry less about the physical task of moving and take advantage of specialized services geared specifically for moving senior citizens. Entrusting the relocation process to expert, professional movers will allow you to focus on keeping your loved one’s spirits high with a smooth and streamlined move.

If you’re considering hiring a professional moving team to help assist with a senior citizen’s relocation, Harrington Moving & Storage is here for you. In this article, we’re sharing some important tips on how to make the relocation process easier, and what you can do to make your elderly friend or family member’s transition into a brand-new lifestyle a more positive one.

  1. Create a Moving Timeline
    To help make sure that you are getting everything done and prepping your elderly member of the family to move, it is important to set dates so that nothing is rushed. This process is going to be an emotional one for senior citizens so allowing them enough time to say their goodbyes to their home is vital. A moving coordinator from a reputable moving company will visit your senior citizen’s home and provide a detailed estimate of the move. He or she will also outline a moving timeline to make the process easier, along with the specialized services needed to facilitate the relocation according to your needs.
  2. Downsize & De-Clutter
    When moving someone from their home to a senior living center, they will be moving from a larger home to a much smaller one in most cases. This means that the things that they have collected over the years will not fit in their new home. This is a perfect time to downsize and de-clutter to ensure that they are only taking the necessities.This is a process that can take plenty of time. Consider starting very early to downsize your loved one’s belongings. You might want to organize a state sale to sell unused or unwanted items, or renting storage in a safe facility in a short-term or long-term arrangement.
  3. Do the Paperwork Yourself
    There will be quite a bit of paperwork involved when moving someone into a senior center. To speed up the process and ensure all of the fine print is read, it is best if you fill out the paperwork for them. This can be a quick process for most that could get drawn out if left to the senior.
  4. Visit Often
    After you have moved your loved one to their new home, there will most likely be an adjustment period as they are in a new home surrounded by strangers. By visiting often, you can keep their spirits high and make the moving process much easier for them. You can also encourage others in your family or friends of the loved one to visit them often, in order to brighten up their day.
  5. Encourage Them to Get Involved
    Whether they love going to the movies, sitting and chatting, reading books, or playing games, encourage your loved one to meet people and make friends within the community. Most assisted living communities hold special events and activities especially for residents. Make sure they know when and where these events are located and attend with them at first to help them get adjusted.

Senior Citizen Moving Services In New Jersey

If you’re moving a senior citizen into an assisted living environment, or planning on downsizing into a smaller room or home, let us know. With over 20 years of industry-leading services in the community, Harrington Moving & Storage has earned a reputation in greater New Jersey for award-winning customer service and top-quality moving and storage solutions—along with superior senior citizen moving services customized to suit your specific needs.

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