How to Reduce Stress When Moving Around the Holidays

No matter which holiday you celebrate, moving in November and December adds even more stress to an already demanding time of the year. No matter how joyous our holidays are, the expectations and additional activities pile on responsibility and take up time, making us feel swamped. These tips will help you make moving around the holidays an easier experience so you retain your sanity and can still enjoy your holidays.

How to Reduce Stress When Moving Around the Holidays

#1. Make a holiday schedule

Plan which days you will do your Christmas shopping, attend parties, just relax, and prepare to move during the holiday season. You might want to leave a few days blank so you can adapt as life surprises you.

#2. Plan to start packing before you would normally need to

Moving around the holidays will be so much easier if you space it out. Plan to begin packing a few weeks early. If you are not into living out of boxes call Harrington Movers and ask about there packing services.

#3. Don't neglect holiday fun

You might want to scale back on your decorations and parties if you'll be moving during the holidays, but that doesn't mean you can't still immerse yourself in holiday spirit. Make sure you plan some time to do meaningful holiday-related things and to decorate the house a little. Simple decorations that add pop to your decor but will be easy to move are the best choices.

#4. Take care of kids so you can pack worry-free

If your kids are too young to help you pack, you could engage them with holiday movies, video games, or outdoor play during the time you pack so you don't have to entertain kids and pack at the same time. Or, if possible, letting them spend some time with a friend or family member while you pack may be helpful.

Or schedule your packing time while the kids are in school. Harrington Movers packers can block out time for your during your busy week.

#5. Pack room by room

It'll keep you organized and be much less unsightly if you work on a room at a time. Start with the least used rooms first. This way ugly boxes that are dangerous to toes and shins will be in the way as little as possible.

#6. Declutter

Part of the moving process lessens your load: decluttering. You will actually end up with less items to move!

If you don't want or truly need an item in your new home, give it away, sell it, recycle it, or throw it away. Whichever is most appropriate.

You should prioritize decluttering in the early stage of your moving process so you'll have time to more conveniently discard the items you don't want and so you won't be doing without things you actually want for the entire time you're packing.

First, declutter, then pack items you do want but won't be using. Pack items you use on a less than daily basis after that.

#7. Don't try to do without movers

You might can do without movers, but using their services will save you a lot of time, stress, and potential injury. The cost will almost always be worth it.

#8. Book your movers early

Movers are busier during the holidays than you probably expect, and it will be frustrating to you if your carefully laid out moving plans are upended because your mover isn't available when you want them.

Booking early also gives you more leeway to choose cheaper dates, such as mid-week moves.

#9. Select a mover who gives you options

Make working with a mover as effortless as possible by selecting one who works with you and gives you options. We at Harrington Moving & Storage offer affordable services for any residential, commercial, and specialty needs. We also offer secure storage options. Our plans will be customized to your needs. Look for flexibility like this, so you can think about moving, enjoying your holidays, and taking care of your other responsibilities rather than meeting the demands of your moving service.

#10. Save money where possible

Holidays are usually expensive, and moving during the holidays adds even more costs. Look for easy ways to save yourself money such as picking up used boxes from stores you frequent, using paper and textiles you own to protect your breakables, temporarily halting services you don't need during the holidays, and anything else you can think of.

#11. Stay safe

Sadly, crime increases during the holiday season and your homes are even more vulnerable than others because you're so busy moving. Protect your homes and belongings with security systems, use home security advice like leaving lights on at the doors, and being watchful for suspicious behavior, such as someone being too interested in or hanging around your home.

#12. Unpack only what you need

You don't have to unpack everything right away. You're supposed to be able to enjoy this fun and rewarding time.

Make sure your holiday decorations and the things you'll most need and want are packed in labelled boxes and kept separate from the other boxes so you can easily find just what you need. Then leave the rest for later.