Being from the northeast of New Jersey we are so close to NYC, which is the most saw out places to live, to work and have fun, but let be honest living in NYC can be pretty expensive, so what’s the next best thing? Well living in New Jersey would be, but not just anywhere, the best place to live in NJ that resembles the lifestyle of NYC is in Westfield NJ.

So let talk about 5 things to know about Westfield, the parks, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, the schools, supermarkets, the live style and more. 

If you are looking for a place to raise your kids, a place near transportation that takes to NYC, with the lifestyle from the suburb of Manhattan with the upbeat and many option as if you were in NYC, Westfield is the town for you. 

1. Let’s Start with the Parks

Who doesn’t love strolling thru parks, with beautiful view, where you can take your kids to play, have fun and it’s safe? Many doggies park, where they get to meet other buddies and bond with other friends. 

My favorite park is the Mindowaskin Park, It has everything in one place, fishing, walking trail, plenty parking and the nearest bathroom is at the police station. So a few reasons why I love this park 1) is because it’s safe, it has this beautiful lake, and it’s so lovely to see all the season changes. 2) let me tell you about the kids playground it has cushion floor, as parent what I look most in a park its safety, and with all of that I think you get that Westfield is a safe place. 

2. After a fun morning or afternoon at the park next on the list are the restaurants

Downtown Westfield has the best restaurants around. You can choose from Mexican, Italian, pizzas, and let’s not forget to mention the upscale restaurants and also all the dessert places.

Let start with a few of my favorites and why they are delicious. 

Chez Catherine is one of the best fresh restaurants in New Jersey, their menu is simple but delicious and the selection of wine is amazing. Now if you are looking for a brunch restaurant you have to check out turning point, Oh my their food is delicious comfort food with seasonal specials, my favorite from turning point is corn bread French toast. YUM

3. Down Town Shopping

You will find anything that you need in the main roads and in the center of town here. Let me just mention some of the stores, I’m pretty sure I’ll mention one store that you absolutely love. Alex and Ani, Ann Taylor, The farmhouse Store, Jeweler, JackRabbit, Lord & Taylor, NosVinos, Westfield Tobacco, Ruby and Jenna. I think I’ve given enough options right? 

After delicious lunch or dinner we can get some shopping done or even a spa. 

4. Schools

Now this is so important for anyone who have kids correct? The peace you have knowing your child, niece, grandchild is going to a school where they are receiving the most extraordinary education in a winning environment. In Westfield they provide public education as well as private that go from Pre-Kindergarten to Twelve grade. Excellent teachers, sports and afterschool programs, you child will find an environment where education is number one priority together with afterschool programs that will help hi excel in all areas of life.

5. Life style & transportation

Westfield is like those television dream towns. Crime is low; where you can leave your door unlock a town where you can raise your family. It’s a very well educated town but also fun with down to earth people. There are different transportation methods to Manhattan, by car 25-30 min ride and trains that will also give easy access to the city. 

There is many reason this town was name the best down to live in New Jersey, I hope I could shine some light on how great this town is.