People who are planning on a long-distance move understand the importance of planning. Unfortunately, people think they can wing a local residential move. Although you may eventually make it to your new location, local residential moving without at least a little planning will end in stress, frustration, and possibly even disaster.

Intrastate moving deserves the same time, attention, and planning as a long-distance move. Here are some moving tips from Harrington Moving that will get your local move off on the right foot.

Pack Strategically

When you’re only moving a few blocks or to the other side of town, it’s easy just to start tossing things in boxes. You’ll be upset when you’re looking everywhere for your phone charger and you can’t find it.

Pack your boxes strategically by grouping items in the same room together. Start by packing items you don’t need, like books and movies, and leave the important stuff, like phone chargers and toilet paper, for last.

Label Your Boxes

No matter how strategic you are about packing your boxes, they’re likely to end up all jumbled at your new location. After all, apartment moving can be hectic! Label your boxes so you know exactly where to find your dishes, favorite T-shirts, and your video games.

Make sure you create an ‘open first’ box as well. Place items like phone chargers, paper towels, and hand soap in the box. That way you don’t have to open half a dozen boxes to find what you’re looking for when you first get to your new home.

Plan Ahead at Your New Location

Not only should you pack your boxes strategically, you also have to unpack them strategically. That requires a bit of planning.

When unloading items from the moving truck, place them in the room where they belong. It’s even better if you can think ahead to where bulky furniture items will be placed. That way you aren’t trying to move them around a bunch of boxes later.

Hire Professional Household Movers to Help

Even local residential moves can be challenging. Especially when you consider the fact that you have to worry about transferring utilities, changing your address, finding boxes, and of course, finding help! If you’re struggling to get it all done, you need to turn to the household movers at Harrington Moving. Our award-winning movers offer comprehensive moving services that will make your move a breeze! Call or fill out our online form and we’d be happy to help take the stress of your move off your shoulders.