For the most part, moving is an exciting time for anyone under any circumstances. This is especially true for those moving with children, whether you’re moving a few streets away to live in a better school district, moving to a new city for a new job or career opportunity, or relocating across the country to be closer to family. Children are particularly susceptible to experiencing the emotional ups and downs of the moving experience—which can end up being one of the most well-remembered and significant moments of their entire childhood.

Unfortunately, amidst all of the excitement, moving can also be a tough situation for kids. Depending on their age, your children may not fully understand what’s happening to their home, and be quite confused or upset about the process. This can lead to a frustrating time for parents that need to get everything packed up, organized, sold, and transported on a strict timeline.

The good news is that if you’re hoping for advice on handling your move with kids, we’ve got you covered. At Harrington Moving & Storage, our expert team of relocation specialists is here to offer our professional advice on making your next move a breeze—even with little ones involved. Our first tip is to take a deep breath, relax, and keep reading to learn our top five tips for moving with children—and how to make your family’s relocation a success.

Navigating your Move with Children

It can be tempting to try to do everything yourself and to not include the children in the moving process at all. If your children are too little to help, we do recommend packing at night while they’re asleep, and hiring a babysitter or asking close family to watch them for you during the move.

If they’re older and able to help out, on the other hand, not including them can be a mistake. Moving is a family affair, and not including them could deprive them of a rich, educational experience that they’ll remember forever. Here are some tips to follow that will help older kids find a productive way to stay involved throughout the process.

  • Pack Like a Ninja: If your kids are older (think 8 years old and older) they may be able to help you with packing—especially in their rooms and in common areas. If your children are younger, they might have issues with seeing their toys going into storage boxes—or they might cause frequent distractions that keep you from making progress. In this case, take our advice and pack while they’re asleep or otherwise distracted.
  • Color-Coding is a Necessity: With everything going on during a move, you will not remember whose boxes belong to which room unless you have a system in place. To help the movers and yourselves, pick different colored tape to differentiate between belongings or use a permanent marker to mark the boxes accordingly. Once you arrive at the new house, it will make unpacking that much easier.

  • Give Yourself Time: Being a parent of small children means taking twice as long to get things done than you would take if you were alone. If it takes twice as long just to get out of the house for dinner, you can expect it to take longer than normal to be prepared for moving day. The easiest way to prevent large amounts of stress is to give yourself plenty of time for packing and organizing your move. If possible, hire professional movers to help you plan your moving calendar (or for full, comprehensive packing solutions) for a seriously stress-free experience.
  • Map it Out: Your children are not going to understand every component of the move by themselves. If you want to make your move easy and stress-free, then you will want to sit down with the children and map out what has to happen, when it has to happen, and why. Keeping them aware of what’s expected throughout every phase of the moving process will minimize the confusion and put everyone on the same productive page.
  • Plan for Fun: Moving should be fun. It’s a new adventure, so make sure your kids feel like that’s the case. Plan to take them out for pizza, or order in and play board games on the floor of the new house after you’ve moved in. You can even make a trip out of the drive if you’re feeling up to it, by scheduling some kid-friendly stops along the way. If their morale is high, your stress is low—so it’s worth it to keep the kids happy during the move with fun distractions.

By following our tips, you can relax knowing that both you and your children are ready for moving day. Working with a qualified moving company that offers smooth, professionally organized residential moves can further facilitate the process for you so that you and your family can concentrate on adjusting to your new lifestyle.

If you’re still in the hunt for moving companies to help you with your relocation, give our team at Harrington Moving & Storage a call to speak with a representative. You can also receive a free, no-obligation pricing estimate and consultation in your home—just fill out our online form to get started.