When you see advertisements for nationwide movers, or companies that offer the best possible rates on your relocation, these may be moving brokers. These professionals are middlemen who help connect homeowners with moving companies for less than it might cost to hire someone directly. Yet, all too often residential customers are confused about the difference between the moving broker and the moving company.

Who is the Average Moving Broker?

Moving brokers will usually offer a free consultation to learn more about your moving needs and assess your household. This service also comes with an estimate for the cost of the move. Sounds familiar, right?

The process is very similar to contacting a moving company for a free consultation with relocation quote. However, when you work with a broker they aren't guaranteeing your move at that price. The broker will book your move and do everything possible to sell it to a traditional moving company, but may not always succeed.

Reasons why a moving broker might not be able to find a moving company for you include:

  Price Estimate is Too Low

  No Movers Serving Your Area

  Limited Resources for the Move

  No Availability for the Time Period

Here's the kicker—When the moving broker can't find a qualified moving company for the estimate they quoted you, they might hire unlicensed movers to do the work cheaply. Or, they might not find anyone at all and you could only find out a few days or weeks before you planned on moving.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between a Broker and a Moving Company?

It's not always be obvious that a company is actually a moving broker when you first call about your planned move. Be sure to ask if they are a broker during the call, especially if you are planning an interstate move. Many brokers help customers connect with long distance moving companies that have the resources for more involved relocations.

You may also notice that the estimate they provide is non-binding or states that the broker is not obligated to complete the move. The broker probably won't be able to tell you specifics about moving services, such as whether they can arrange custom crating or offer temporary storage solutions. This is because the move may be sold to one of many potential moving companies, all of whom offer different services!

Moving brokers also do not own any moving equipment, nor do they have a fleet of branded vehicles or company storage facilities. The name on the side of the moving vans that shows up on the day of your scheduled move will be different from that of the broker!

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