If you are renovating your home, constructing your home, or decluttering your home, you will quickly come to realize that the job may be more complicated than you thought. It is easy to visualize in our minds how it will go, yet we often encounter roadblocks or challenges that force us to question our assumptions and adapt.

While the scope and extent of your project will likely vary, there are several universal truths that you'll discover. One of the most prominent truths that you will quickly come across is the fact that you don’t have enough storage space.

Now granted, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a hoarder or pack rat. All of us have valuables or goods that we want to keep, yet we keep finding that we have less and less space. Or if you are constructing or renovating your home, you will quickly come to realize that you need to find some extra space to store furniture or other items. If you don’t think about and plan for these circumstances, you may find yourself in a situation where you have many items that need to be stored, yet nowhere to store them.

At Harrington Moving & Storage, we have over two decades of experience helping our customers with their moving and portable storage needs. We understand typical issues that may come up when you are renovating, constructing, or decluttering your home. Clearly, finding space is a significant (and at times, stressful) issue.

Because of this, we want to help. While we offer a variety of products at Harrington Moving & Storage, we are especially proud to offer a healthy supply of portable storage units that will help you with any or all of your storage needs. By making this investment now, you will be saving yourself from massive headaches down the road.

Portable Storage Units

But let’s back up for one minute. While you may have a vague idea of what portable storage units are, it’s important for us to be on the same page.

A portable storage unit is essentially a container that you can use to store virtually any item. The unit is typically kept outside and is secured with a lock. These portable storage units sit flat on an outdoor service and are typically delivered by a moving or storage company (like Harrington Moving & Storage). If you like, you also have the flexibility of moving your portable storage unit to a securely guarded warehouse facility if you wish to secure your items on a longer-term basis.

Ultimately, portable storage units are safe and easy-to-use tools that can make your life easier. They are inherently flexible and can be very useful to you—whatever your needs are.

Typical Use Cases

There are many situations where you would want to use a portable storage unit, but most often, we see customers using them when they are moving, renovating, or reorganizing their homes. For example, in the months before a family moves to a new home, that family can begin the moving process by slowly placing their items into a portable storage unit. That way, in the weeks and days before their big move, the family can be less stressed about the actual move and confident that all of their belongings will be safely transported to their new home.

Portable storage units can help even if you aren’t moving from your home. For instance, if you are making major renovations your bedroom or your living room, you may have old furniture or other large items that you want to remove, whether it’s by selling the furniture to someone else or simply throwing it out. In these situations, a portable storage unit can help. You can temporarily place your furniture and other large items in the portable storage unit and then move them out later. The same principle applies if you are renovating your office, as a portable storage unit can store large, bulky items like chairs, desks, and other furniture.

Finally, a portable storage unit can be useful if you want to store large, bulky items for a more long-term basis. If there are some items that you don’t want in your house or office, yet you want to keep, you can place them in a portable storage unit. That unit can either stay on premises or it can be taken to an offsite location, where your portable storage unit remains until you need it. And don’t worry: your portable storage unit would be locked, secured, and only accessible by you. 

How We Can Help

At Harrington Moving & Storage, we store a wide array of secure and clean portable storage units that can suit your needs—whatever they are. Many businesses and families in New Jersey have relied on our portable storage units and other products, whether they are planning a big move or simply organizing their home.

While there are many other moving and storage companies in the marketplace, we are confident that we offer the best portable storage units in Summit, New Jersey.

Why is this?

First, our portable storage units are the same size (and even larger) than some of our prominent competitors. They are 16 feet long and can easily fit three to four typical household rooms. Along with this, we offer a lower moving container cost than other large-scale providers in the marketplace. In other words, you are getting the best of both worlds: the large size of our portable storage units at low prices.

Along with this, our portable storage units are easy to pack and unpack. Once you order a portable storage unit from us, our drivers will place the unit flat on the ground in your desired location, whether that is next to your garage, outside your back door, or somewhere else. Once the portable storage unit is in place, you can easily walk in and out of the unit as you store your items. If, at any point during the moving process, you would like us to handle the moving process, we are happy to help.

Finally, at Harrington Moving & Storage, we are proud of offering flexibility and convenience for our customers. We are happy to work around your schedule to ensure that we are delivering the portable storage unit at the most convenient time for you. If you need to keep your portable storage unit longer than you expected? No problem. We offer 100 percent flexible rental periods. As for security, you can supply your own lock or we can. Ultimately, we are proud of our customer service and are happy to answer any questions that you may have when renting a portable storage unit.

Contact Us Today

A portable storage unit is an essential part of many large household tasks. Luckily, the inherent nature of portable storage units is flexible, allowing you to customize it for your own needs. Ultimately, it can make your life much easier.

If you are interested in renting a portable storage unit from us, we are confident that you will be satisfied. We offer 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Whether you are moving or making renovations to your home or office, we are happy to help you store your valuables.

To get in touch with us, you can visit our website or call 973-210-4813. You can also request a free quote for a portable storage unit by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!