Are you ready to move? This question will catch anyone already stressed-out off guard. When you think about moving, there is a mix of emotions - excitement, anxiety, fun, exhaustion, and a certain degree of therapeutic nostalgia. Whatever we may feel, the word “stressful” will be used to describe how moving feels. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With smart practical advice from moving experts and a reliable moving company, moving can definitely be hassle-free and something worth remembering. With these essential hacks, you’ll realize something you first thought was impossible is quite easily done. 

First things first. Be sure you’re not falling for the common moving mistakes. When planning the move, start with a clean slate with realistic expectations. Some people become overconfident by deciding to move by themselves to save money. This is counterproductive because there are individuals and companies deemed as experts, so you’re better off hiring their services.

Another common mistake is using wrong packing methods or not labelling things clearly causing damage to fragile items because of mix-ups. Remember, there is a tremendous amount of mental, physical and financial pain mistakes like these are made. Knowing about these tendencies will make as even more ready to go ahead with moving like a pro.

Hack #1: Declutter as you go. Follow the Rule of $20 in 20 Minutes. Donna Smallin Cuper, author of “How to Declutter and Make Money Now,” stresses the importance of purging and de-cluttering. She says that hauling things that aren’t really needed and not loved is “the bigger waste.” To avoid this, she advises to first ask yourself if you need this certain item in the future and if you could find it for another $20 in less than 20 minutes. If your answer is yes, then it’s time to let that item go.  

Hack #2: Set aside a special box with all your important files and personal items. Before packing gets crazy, be particular with keeping the absolute essentials safe in this “Last-In-First Out” Box. These include files like birth certificates, contracts, bank and school records, important address books and phone numbers, jewelry and other accessories, and even the expensive and sentimental items you own. You can also include appliances that come with little parts so they don’t get misplaced.

Hack #3: Use already-available fabric and clothes (whatever is soft) as packing materials. Think about it, you can actually save by replacing bubble wrap with on-hand items at home. Pack your breakables with some TLC by using towels and rags. You can also use blankets to wrap easily-scratched items like mirrors, computer monitors, and the TV. This serves as a special layer of protection. Also, using these pieces of clothing and fabric reduces waste significantly and saves a ton on packing space.

Hack #4: Be smart and crafty when using boxes. Rule number one, be sure that all boxes are less than 50 pounds. This helps avoid accidents. Another nifty tip is to color code boxes. The color will represent the living area those items belong in. Red for bedrooms, green for bathrooms, and so on. Don’t forget to label them. Another great idea is to cut out handles in the boxes. Martha Stewart suggests cutting out triangles on the sides for easy lifting. Finally, when packing books, check out Harrington Movers’ advice.

With these moving hacks, moving will surely be more systematic saving on time and resources. And of course, to make the move memorable and easy, both emotionally and physically, don’t hesitate to ask your family and close friends to help out. What better way is there to let go of a home and a life you’re saying goodbye to than with those who matter and helped you establish that in the first place, right?