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Hiring a professional mover is the best way to make sure your move goes well. They will pack your belongings to ensure they aren’t damaged during transport, they can confidently drive your belongings to your new location, and they can even help you unpack when you get to your new home. The New Jersey Movers at Harrington Moving & Storage can do all that and more, and we can do it all year long!

However, just because we offer moving services all year long doesn’t mean you can expect the same experience every month of the year. The summer is the best time to move, but it’s also one of the worst times to move. Here’s why, as well as what you can do to make the most of a warm-weather move.

Pros of Moving in the Summer

There are some really great things about moving in the summer. Some of those things are obvious. The weather is more comfortable, which makes moving easier. You don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures or snow when you move in the summer.

Because moving in the summer is popular, you’re also more likely to find a new home more easily. Many homeowners put their houses on the market in spring anticipating a summer sale and more rentals are available in the summer as others move into a new residence.

Summer moving is more comfortable, and you’re more likely to find a new place to live, which can make it the least stressful seasons to move, especially if you’re doing some long distance moving.

Cons of Moving in the Summer

Although you are less likely to stress about the weather during a summer move, there are some challenges with a summer move when you hire a professional mover. Because so many people move when the weather is nice, the availability of the best movers becomes extremely limited.

In order to mitigate this problem, you should contact Harrington Moving & Storage as soon as you know you’re ready to move. The earlier you call, the more likely you will be to lock in our services when you need them, especially if you’re creating a commercial moving plan.

Another tip? Plan to move during the week because there is less demand than there is on the weekends.

Learn more about our summer availability and our pricing by giving us a call or filling out our online form. We can find room in our summer schedule to give your move the attention it deserves by providing you with a wide range of residential and commercial services that include short- and long-term storage. We can also provide you with a free estimate!

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