Jacob S. Demarest House

Demarest can be summed up in the following sentence. Excellent public school system, family oriented environment, okay nightlife, crime-free, okay housing system and diverse population.

Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, Demarest has a population of about 4000 persons and is part of the New York City metropolitan area.

Demarest channels a small town ambiance, and its proximity to New York gives residents the opportunity to have the best of both city life and small-town life.

The town is named for state senator Ralph .S. Demarest whose family has a hand in the early rail system of the city.

Demarest has grown over the years to carve a niche for itself as a small thriving town with a good community system. This town is great for persons who want to raise their family close to New York but not within the city.  The distance between Demarest, New York City, makes it easy to live in the town and work in the city. Despite its small size, Demarest still holds its own with some big towns with its .


Demarest is family oriented and is right for anyone wanting to start a family. It has a sense of quaint, small-town living that gives a serene feeling to the environment. Coupled with less noise, great skyline, lush green trees, big spacious houses that utilize space, Demarest just about covers everything about a family home spread. Demarest is a good place to own a house and it has a very low crime rate.


Demarest has a good public school system that caters to students from kindergarten level up to eighth grade. Country road school, one of the public schools, serves kindergarten and, first-grade students while Luther Lee Emerson School serves grades 2 to 4 and Demarest middle school caters to students from fifth to eighth grade.

The Northern Valley Regional high school provides to students from the ninth grade through to the twelfth grade. This school is also opened to students from closer and Haworth. The school which is part of the Northern Valley Regional High School District has received the Blue Ribbon School Award of excellence by the United States Department of education.  

Public school Students from Bergen County are eligible to attend the secondary school education programs which are offered by the Bergen county technical school. The Academy of Holy Angels is a private school run by the Roman Catholic Church. It is a girl’s only school.


The public transportation services available in Demarest include buses and coaches.  The town is served by Rockland coaches which goes through 14ET route with a stop by the Duck pond on county route 501.  From here residents get a straight ride to and from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan and the Palisades center in  West Nyack, New York. There are 4 airports and 7 train station within 30 miles from Demarest.  There are private cab services and airport limousine businesses located in the town.

Community activities

Residents of Demarest have a healthy outdoors activity lifestyle. The Demarest day celebration is a new idea that was initiated to celebrate the town. It is held on the 17th of September and is filled with activities for families, kids, rides, food trucks, performances by local acts and a whole lot more.

Kids-oriented activities

Several places cater to activities for kids. Some are located with Demarest some are a few miles around the town .The smashing summer fashion design camp is located in Demarest and is a great place to teach your kids new skills. There are nature centers in Tenafly and Closter. There is a school of performing arts located in Cresskill with a preschool/ playground, Kidville, situated in closer.

Places of worship

Places of worship in Demarest are few among them are a Roman Catholic church, a Baptist church, and a Nobel Korean Methodist church.

Places of interest

The Wakelee field is a beautiful park located within the town. A park is an excellent place for relaxation and for spending some quality family time together. Demarest nature Centre provides facilities for individuals, groups, and families who are interested in enjoying the view of nature for a well-spent day outdoors.

Sports and Recreation

Sporting activities in Demarest include baseball, softball, soccer, football, swimming, golf and basketball


There are some excellent places to get a meal in Demarest, and that includes the Demarest pizzeria, Yasou Mykonos Greek restaurant, the Tenafly deli express and the American club.

Local Businesses

There are a couple of local business in the region, but significant shopping is some in New York City. Most residents carry out their shopping in the Palisades center in New York City. The local businesses are mostly restaurants with a few grocery shops.

Demarest provides a great place for anyone who needs a change of pace.  The small town has some historical features and is a great place to start and raise a family. It has a slight sense of affluence as most of the residents are above average earners.

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