Moving to Colorado Springs: Adjusting to the Altitude

The city of Colorado Springs is a lively city nestled at the base of the Colorado Rockies. It boasts breathtaking rock sculptures (the Garden of the Gods) and is near to the tallest mountain in Colorado (Pikes Peak).

Knowing that, it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s settled at more than 6,000 feet above sea level. This extreme change in elevation when moving from new jersey to colorado springs can be difficult for even the fittest bodies.

Read below to see how you can best prepare and cope with this new jersey to colorado elevation change.

Drink Lots of Water

Since the Springs is closer to the sun and has a dry climate, you’ll need more water than you did at sea level, especially while you adjust. Without all the oxygen you’re used to, your body will have to work harder to do normal tasks.

Dry climate, plus lower oxygen, plus hard working body? It’s a recipe for disaster without proper hydration. Aim to drink eight glasses a day and always keep a reusable water bottle with you. Drink more water on days you exercise.

Lower your Exercise Expectations

When you have less oxygen to work with breathing at rest, you can bet working out at high altitude will be an adjustment. Don’t be alarmed if your cardio ability dips when you move from new jersey to colorado springs, it will return!

In fact, once you get over the initial hump and acclimate to high altitude, anything at sea level will be a breeze. Many Olympic athletes train in Colorado Springs for that reason.

Once you're all settled from moving to Colorado and ready to get back to the gym, keep cardio sessions short. Don't lower the intensity of your workouts if you can help it, but do give yourself an endurance break.

It can take up to three months to feel like your performance is at its peak again, though many feel fine after three to four weeks.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Being six thousand feet in elevation also means you're 6,000 feet closer to the sun's deadly rays. Diagnoses for melanoma in Colorado are on the rise, especially in mountain or near-mountain communities.

Find a brand you like and make it a part of your morning routine or keep it by the door so you don't forget.

Preparing to Move to Colorado Springs

Keep these things in mind while preparing to move from New Jersey to Colorado Springs. If you have the time, increase your endurance workouts to better prepare yourself for moving to Colorado.

If you don't, be comforted by the fact that huffing and puffing over only-medium heavy moving boxes once you're in Colorado is normal. Everything will feel familiar again soon!