Consumer Beware! 

Mobile Storage Units are by far not the same, 

Using Mobile Storage Containers should be anything but a hassle. So before jumping in and placing an order make sure your unit has these Seven must features: 

1. Your Mobile Storage Unit should be made from the best Quality Steel, SPA-H and SPA-C. SPA-H resists the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, fog, and other meteorological conditions. 
2. The Roof should be 4.0 mm (6 ga) corrugated steel "ISO Style" Steel (not translucent or cheap plastic)
3. Make sure the floor is marine grade and Sealed with Polyurethane water-based, non slip, non toxic, non-odorous coating.
4. 120 MPH wind resistant structure.
5. Locking Pins on the doors.
6.  An Emergency Release Cable.
7. Two Inside Vents.

Mobile Storage in New Jersey should be Clean, Simple and Secure!

Harrington Movers has brand new Units and they are great for home renovations/projects, declutter, staging your home prior to listing and moving your self at your own pace.

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