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Planning a move from New Jersey to Washington? There’s a lot to know! From what to expect when you arrive to what you should plan for on the way, our local moving company has you covered.

Our moving and storage company has over 20 years of experience moving people all over the country, and we have experience moving people throughout Washington, so you can bet that we’ve got some insider knowledge to share!

What You Can Expect Living in Washington

Washington is a large state. It’s the 18 largest state in the Union, as a matter of fact! Beautiful vistas abound. From ocean beaches to mountain tops, forests, waterfalls, and everything in between, there’s no doubt that this state is a nature-lover’s paradise.

The culture in Washington is quite different than what you will find back home in New Jersey. It is one of the best places for small businesses to set up shop, so you can expect to see a lot more handmade goods, personalized services, and homegrown restaurants that use fresh, innovative ingredients.

Washington is also one of the best places in the country when it comes to beer. Only California has more craft breweries. This is no surprise when you consider that this state contributes 75 percent of the country’s hops production thanks to the weather.

Speaking of the weather, it’s likely to be the biggest difference you experience moving from New Jersey. Weather tends to be wetter and cooler than what you might be used to. However, it does depend on whether you move to eastern or western Washington. The western portion of the state is heavily influenced by the Pacific Ocean, while the eastern portion of the state experiences a semi-arid climate.

What You Need to Know About Moving to Washington

What to expect when you get there is only half the battle. You have to know what to expect during your move too!

It is extremely important that you hire a team of long distance movers that know what they’re doing. Years of experience and associations with industry leaders like we have here at Harrington Moving and Storage is a good indication that you will enjoy a stress-free experience.

It’s also important that you choose a moving service that offers customizable plans. At Harrington Moving and Storage, that means choosing from:

·  Packing materials sales

·  Fragile-only packing

·  Custom crating

·  Piano moving

·  Third party services

·  And more

You should also feel comfortable with the quality of the services your team offers. Our long-distance and local New Jersey moving company guarantees that:

·  You will always work with trained, professional uniformed movers—not day laborers

·  We will always use clean trucks, proper moving pads, and equipment

·  Our services are insured and bonded

By checking these things off your list, you don’t have to worry about sticking to your timeline and your budget, or whether your belongings will show up to your new home in one piece.

Get Your Move off on the Right Foot With a Free Estimate

A move to Washington should also include a free estimate! Learn more about how we can conduct a seamless Washington move for your family by getting started with a free, no-obligation quote. Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable associates or fill out our online form today!