Are you planning to move out next month?

Are you wondering how you will ever find the time to pack your entire kitchen? Or how will you survive your daily routine with everything packed away? Or should you call professional packers and movers to have them pack your entire kitchen one day prior to your move? This would make life easier.

Your Kitchen is probably the hardest room in your house you will have to pack, with so many small items stored up in drawers and cupboards, there is just so much stuff you have to sort through. The key is sorting, organizing, packing and labeling. Divide and conquer, figure out what you can toss and what you can pack. We recommend packing the kitchen last, as this is the place families generally gather the most.  Many of us love to cook as an escape or spend time together in the kitchen after a long day. We have prepared a step by step guide for packing up all the items in your kitchen. This way you can make sure you have got everything sorted, packed and ready for the New Jersey movers.

1. Sort, Select and Simplify

First things first, sort through the items in your kitchen that you really need to take to your new kitchen. Put aside all the items that you do not wish to take with you. Go through every cupboard and drawer in your kitchen and be very selective. If there are too many spoon or knives or forks, donate them to shelters or food banks or have a garage sale if you can manage. Harrington Movers will take all canned good at no charge and deliver them to the local Food Bank. If you are packing a Kosher kitchen we have a different color tape as well as box to make sure your Kosher items stay separated.

2. Prepare an Essentials Box

We call this the Family Survival Box. Contents can change depending on your weather, but here are some items you may not want to forget. An new first aid kit, medications, snacks, drinks, plastic utensils, bug spray, any hygiene items such as personal deodorants, air freshener, hand sanitizer, tooth brushes, tooth paste… This box should be pack prior to the move and put in your car for safe keeping.

3. Collect the Proper Packing Materials

If you have a big, family-sized kitchen, you will need at least:

  5 Large Boxes of 18 x 18 x 24 inches to store lightweight and hard to pack items such as dish racks, plastic kitchenware, small appliances and baking tins.

  10 Medium sized boxes of 18 x 18 x 16 inches for heavier items such as pots, pans, small appliances, pantry items, silverware, contents of drawers, cookbooks.

  5 Heavy Duty Boxes of 18 x 18 x 28 inches as they are thick, have double-walls and are perfect for packing fragile items, like, plates, glasses, stemware and canisters.

  5 or 10 Cell Kits of 18 x 18 inches because they are extremely useful for packing glasses, liquor bottles, stemware and wine.

  Packing and Sealing Tape as you will be packing a lot of stuff in these boxes.

  Marker for labeling each of the boxes.

  Label Your Boxes on the SIDES, this will make life easier at the new home.

Once you have all the material, start off by packing all the items in your cupboards and drawers that you do not use on a daily basis, such as:


  Cookie sheets, pie pans

  Small appliances, such as mixers, blenders, etc.


  Food storage containers

  Wine glasses,

  Mixing bowls

  Extra dish towels, dish cloths, and oven mitts

  Special utensils, such as barbecue tongs, meat mallets, ladles, and spatulas.

  Special-event dishes, such as serving plates, condiment dishes, cream and sugar containers, etc.

  Pictures and wall hangings

  Pack Wine, Liquor or Other Unopened Bottles

Don’t forget to pack all the breakables in a double wall box, and all pots and pans wrapped in paper first, especially the staub and le creuset cookware, this will guard against unwanted scratches  chipping.

Always fill dead space up with crumbled packing paper, not leaving any air pockets. This will help keep the integrity of the box and avoid that dreaded crushed box.  

Voila! You are ready to move out now! Call the movers!