Are you looking to relocate your office to New Jersey in the coming weeks?

Are you looking for a reliable and professional moving company that can deliver your valuables safely and promptly?

Harrington Movers is a full-service moving and storage company based in New Jersey. The company has been serving residential and commercial clients since 1996, making Harrington Moving & Storage the most preferred moving company in both New Jersey and New York City. The founder of Harrington Movers, Jeff Harrington, created the company to provide professional and reliable moving, storage, and warehousing company that never disappoints its customers.

Harrington Moving & Storage provides affordable commercial moving services, professional residential moving services, specialty moving services and secure storage and warehousing solutions to its customers from New Jersey to New York. As your office moving company, Harrington Movers provide prompt delivery services and maintains your productivity levels throughout your business relocation. We try our best to minimize disruptions caused to your business during the move by providing efficient and timely office moves.

Harrington Movers is one of the most efficient office movers in the industry because we practice the art of moving your business following a streamlined, cost-effective process. We take your office move very seriously and create a customized move plan, where our movers work with your firm to develop a course of action for the move. We work within your budget and timelines. In our customized move plan we identify all the necessary office moving services your firm will need for your relocation.

Harrington Movers provides professional packing, storage, transportation, modular furniture reconfiguration and installation services. We are considered the safest moving company to move your sensitive equipment, including computer systems and associated office items like fax machines, printers, copiers, etc. There are no limits to what Harrington Movers can provide for your office move. Our prompt and well-trained staff ensures you are provided with a well-planned and efficient move.

Minimize Downtime By Hiring Harrington Movers For Commercial Moves

Harrington Movers is the preferred choice of many residential and commercial clients in New Jersey and New York City. The company:

  Develops a flawless execution plan together with your firm

  Creates pre-move detailed computerized inventory listing

  Uses state-of-the-art packing / protective materials and handling equipment

  Provides specialized shipping of computer and electronic equipment

  Fulfills insurance requirements when needed

  Offers weekend and after hours moves whenever needed

  Product and equipment storage in modern, spacious and insured warehouses

  Provides warehousing, transportation, and relocation of surplus furniture

At Harrington Movers, we assign a personal move coordinator who works with you from the inception of your office move until the last carton has been delivered, unpacked and discarded. With careful planning, coordination and promptness, Harrington Movers provides a simplified, effective and cost-effective office move for big and small businesses in New Jersey and New York.

We understand how important an office move can be for your business, we also understand this may be a brand new task you just got stuck with! Jeff Harrington will work with you side by side making sure the move is a success.  Relocating your business to a city that brings your more customers is the next step towards big things for your company and can take your company forward. We take care of everything that goes into a commercial move in New Jersey and provide all the services that ensure a smooth and seamless relocation of your company, no matter the size or scope of your relocation.

Downtime is a necessary evil during a commercial move since there are so many items to relocate, remove, uninstall, pack, reinstall, disconnect/connect and of course, unpack and reinstall. It takes some time to get your business up and running at full speed after the move has been completed. Fortunately, at Harrington Movers, we have considerably reduced the duration of downtime. We can have trucks on standby to bring over the servers as the move is taking place. Our office movers in NJ strive to ensure that your downtime is at a minimum so that your business' productivity does not get affected by the move. Harrington Movers has been the most preferred NJ office movers that businesses of all sizes have turned to for a quick, affordable and unbeatable office relocation.

Business Moving Services Provided By Harrington Movers For New Jersey Offices

Harrington Movers has a team of experienced movers who have been handling relocations for businesses of all shapes and sizes in New Jersey and New York for over 10 years.

The services included in an office move include:

  Pre-Move Planning

  Labelling / Tagging


  Computer Disconnection



  Computer Reconnection and Reinstallation

  Furniture Installation

  Storage Management

  Debris Removal

  Furniture Installation

Harrington Movers assigns an experienced Move Coordinator who will be with you throughout the entire relocation process, and who will ensure that your entire commercial move plan goes off without a hitch. At Harrington Movers, we promise and guarantee that your upcoming NJ office move will be an overwhelming success.

When you choose Harrington Movers, you join the Harrington family - and we don't take care of anyone better than our own family! With our custom New Jersey commercial moving package you will get the best value for money. We will try our best to satisfy your needs and offer free quotes to all potential clients.

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