The day has finally arrived for you to pack up and go. But you have come to realize that your moving company has not done anything to prepare your grand piano for transport. Is this the type of thing you would be worried about? Harrington Moving and Storage has you covered where other groups fall short. We know that there are some things you own that can’t be replaced. Everyone has that one prized possession they would not want to do without. Everyone has also seen that item come crashing down in their minds eye. Our team is comprised of the best people around to perform a myriad of specialty moves. You could be moving your original Monet. We would give it the same treatment as your life sized replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Anyone who wouldn’t is not even worth giving your money to.

There are only a few goals you have in mind when you want to move. The primary being getting from point a to point b. The other, being what we hope is self-evident, is that your possessions are in the same condition when they arrive as when they started. This is not a concern with Harrington Moving and Storage. Our staff is constantly updating their techniques and knowledge of how to best perform any style of move. We even customize our services based on your individual requirements. So in the end you can choose to trust your move to someone with a possibly spotty track record. But you can also trust Harrington Moving and Storage to get the job done right the first time.

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