Sick of big-city life? If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Brick City and settle somewhere a little more chill, why not move down the shore? With just a little preparation, you could be enjoying some Taylor Ham with an unbeatable beachfront view.

How to Make a Move Down the Shore

Moving down the shore isn’t as hard as you might think. Just follow the helpful tips below!

1. Do your research.

The Jersey Shore is long—nearly 150 miles long, in fact! So before even beginning to think about packing, planning, or finding moving companies, NJ residents have to decide where they’re going.

If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by revisiting popular destinations along the Garden State Parkway, like:

·  Long Branch (Exit 105)

·  Spring Lake (Exit 98)

·  Wildwood (Exit 4A)

·  Cape May (Exit 0)

Even if you’ve been to the town many times before, check it out again with an eye for livability. Think about things like housing availability, public/private beachfront access, and seasonal crowds.

2. Start move preparations.

When moving an entire household, it’s never too early to prepare. Even if you haven’t found a house you like—or a city to go to—you can still start laying the groundwork for a successful move.

Start by asking for advice from friends and family, downloading moving checklists, making pre-move to-do lists, and sorting through all those piled-up items around the house.

3. Get the family excited.

With all the attractions the shore has to offer, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your family on board. But if your spouse or kids are feeling hesitant, you can always remind them of the awesome things that await them, including:

·  Wildwood amusement parks

·  Ocean City Boardwalk

·  A.C., aka “America’s Playground”

·  Cape May Lighthouse

·  And, of course, 100+ miles of beaches!

Once the family’s pumped up, it’s a good idea to get them involved in the move itself. For example, let your kids help with minor decision-making, packing, and other small tasks so that they feel included.

4. Find reliable movers.

The best way to simplify a move down the shore is to work with a reputable moving company. By choosing experienced and safe movers, NJ families won’t have to worry about lost or stolen items, shady moving crews, or unexpected hidden fees.

To find true moving pros, look out for things like:

·  Experience

·  BBB Accreditation

·  NJ and USDOT Licensing

·  Recognized Affiliations (like the New Jersey Warehouseman and Movers Association)

·  Positive Customer Reviews

·  In-Home Moving Estimates

Once you’ve found some companies you think you like, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals from recent clients—or go ahead and request a free cost estimate to judge their professionalism for yourself.

Moving Down the Shore? Go With a Moving Company NJ Residents Trust!

If you’re taking the plunge and treating yourself to seaside living, get in touch with Harrington movers! For over 20 years, we’ve helped families just like yours complete challenging household relocations. With our local Jersey expertise, award-winning customer service, and commitment to 100% satisfaction, you can count on us for a completely hassle-free moving experience.

When the help of Harrington movers, NJ residents can enjoy an easy and affordable move down the shore. So grab your Wawa coffee, and let’s get moving today! The next time someone asks what exit you’re from, you’ll have a brand-new number to share. Just call us or submit our brief online form to get started now!