How are you going to get all of your belongings from point A to point B? If you need someone to lend a hand, consider hiring a moving company. But, before you do, we have a few tips.

1. Which moving company is the right one for you?

No two are the same -- whether they’re both local moving companies in Short Hills, NJ or they’re on different sides of the state. Regardless of your other criteria for identifying which is the best choice for your needs, always make sure the movers you hire are licensed or rated with the BBB.

2.  Get an estimate and an inventory list.

Where typically, many candidates will need an inventory list before quoting you, Harrington Movers will save you the time by doing it for you. It is better to choose a moving company that always puts your time first. For example, Harrington Movers will make a room by room inventory list while doing their walk through of your home. Their iPad system makes for an efficient and accurate depiction, which they will then email you. The email will have both the estimate and the inventory list, showing you the cost based on the items you want to move.

3. Watch out for additional fees.

Go online and read about the experiences of your potential movers’ other customers. Be wary of local or long distance moving companies that have a reputation for tacking on other fees or services not written into the original quote, which could have been incurred for things like rearranging furniture, travel delays, and the like. Avoid this situation altogether by settling on a company like ours here at Harrington Movers.

We are proud to be not only the preferred moving, storage, and warehousing company in New Jersey and New York, but also one that never disappoints our customers. Our services are affordable, secure, and will relieve you of the stress that comes with taking your life to a new place.

Next time you are looking to hire a moving company, look no further than us.