The worst thing anyone who is moving can encounter is a moving scam. That’s right, you’ve all heard the stories from friends, family, and even on the news. Straight out of your nightmares, moving scams can strip you of literally all of your precious belongings and leave you absolutely devastated. We want you to avoid that catastrophe by educating yourself on what to look for. Don’t let yourself be a victim; start by taking charge, being cautious, and learning the ropes.

Look into your moving company before you settle.

Even if the company doesn’t seem shady, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Look into local moving companies in Westfield, NJ and check out the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company is in good standing. Fly-by-night moving companies that scam you out of house and home are usually those that pop up in the industry and then leave when they have too many bad reviews or problems. They will change their name to deceive customers and try and veil their identity with tricks. 

It isn’t always about the price.

Of course, we’re all looking for a deal, but most of the time, if it seems too-good-to-be-true, it is. At the same time, if the cost of a moving job is lower, it does not necessarily mean it’s a scam. It can also mean that the moving company is uninsured, unlicensed, inexperienced, or has no WCB coverage, meaning that if someone gets hurt on the job, you’re liable for it. No thanks! Moving companies that start at lower prices may also raise costs later on when your belongings are already loaded up, forcing you to pay way more than you were initially bargaining for.

Beware wary of deposits.

●  For local moves do not give a deposit.

●  For long-distance moves, do not give a deposit of more than 35% for booking or pick-up.

●  Pay the balance upon your arrival at your new location to ensure that the bill is exactly what was agreed upon.

Be wary of “fees”.

By not getting the rates and terms in writing prior to the beginning of the loading process, you could be putting yourself in danger of hidden service “fees”. There could be unknown piano fees, stair fees, artwork fees, and so on that you may find yourself completely unaware of. Wherein, normal rates are all-inclusive and would already cover all of these issues from the get-go, with only additions like a fuel surcharge, GST, and a one hour travel charge.

Always take your receipt.

Receipts are your lifeline and your protection. Not just that, but they can also be used for moving credits on your taxes if you qualify.

We want you to be safe when you move, and these tips will help take the risk out of the equation. Don’t let the stress and conundrum of moving muddle your judgement! Keep these safety precautions in mind and they will definitely come in handy. Harrington Movers, one of your residential moving companies in Ridgewood, NJ, is always here for any assistance or questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out; we are happy to help.