Relocating, moving, downsizing, and making that huge life decision can be a trial in and of itself. Sometimes, you need to stop and make a list of the pros and cons or perhaps, just ask yourself a few questions that will lead you in the right direction. What do you really want? Is making the decision to move really that scary? It can be, but it can also be exciting. Have fun with your choices--your freedom. You have us at Harrington Movers backing you, supporting you and sending the right questions your way.

What will you miss?

If the answer is nothing right off the bat, you’re all set to go. But sometimes the answer is way more complicated than the question. It helps to make a list of all of the things in your life that are attached to where you live, and then ask yourself if you value them. Will you be able to recreate those things wherever you move to? Think about the people you may miss, neighbors you may leave behind, the city/town’s atmosphere that may change depending on how far you are moving.

What don’t you like about your current situation?

The lack of restaurants, no access to proper schooling, the cost of living and maintenance in a larger home--these grievances could end up being the main reasons why you are moving. Maybe you’re sick of the city life or maybe you want to be in the center of all the action. Whatever it may be, it is important to know what you don’t like about where you are now. Use that to propel your decision forward and make you feel more comfortable and more resolute about your decision to move. 

What will change? 

Decide on what all the positives are surrounding your decision to move; think long-term and focus on your happiness. Are you close enough to excellent schools like Kent Place or Oak Knoll? Is there more access to recreation like dog parks, country clubs, and new restaurants? All of these factors go into your important decision.

The only thing you never have to worry about is finding a moving company that will assist you with the rest. Harrington Movers will help you pick up and take your life to your new location. We will carefully and skillfully transfer your boxes, furniture, fragile items, antiques, artwork, pool tables, wine collections and piano to your new address. Whatever you need, we will help you get it there. Give us a call today!